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Ex still not abiding by Court Order, where do I go next??

  • littleproblems
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1 month 2 weeks ago #515326 by littleproblems
I'm here again asking for further advice on my situation as I am at my wits end and getting rather stressed and burnt out because of my ex's blatant refusal to co operate with the court proceedings.

An FDR was scheduled for 16th Dec but a week prior I had written to the court asking for this to be a further directions hearing as I still had not received all necessary information from him. This was after a questionnaire and schedule of deficiencies had been filed and, whereas I had received some answers to my questionnaire (not all and not all evidence either), I never received anything in response to the schedule of deficiencies. (I just want to add that the information I asked for was reasonable and was required in order that a fair settlement was reached)
At the December hearing, the judge made further orders that he reply to my schedule of deficiencies, including an explanation in relation to any questions not answered, by January 8th.
Low and behold I have not received anything and I am at a loss now as to my next move. The judge wasn't overly sympathetic to the case, in fact he seemed annoyed that it would be drawn out further - well, he is not the only one!

Please can someone tell me what I can do next regarding this? I was hoping to have had the info from my ex, had an appointment with my solicitor to discuss and then make an offer without having to go to the next scheduled FDR, which incidentally isn't until July!!!

I am convinced he is hiding savings and won't admit to a private pension that again, I am sure he has and even provided evidence within the schedule of deficiencies I filed. He is not represented (not because he cannot afford it, but because he hates spending money!) and neither am I - I just get advice ad hoc.

Many thanks for reading, I do hope there is something I can do.

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  • Flower64
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1 month 2 weeks ago #515328 by Flower64
I am in a similar situation having filed my Form E last June and Im still awaiting the one from my Ex. Our FDA was adjourned, with the judge being very clear that he needed to file. He didn't, so I emailed the court, they extended the timeline for the adjourned FDA and gave him a new date. Again he didn't file. So I emailed the court again explaining that the next hearing was likely to be fruitless, and that I was upset about the waste of the courts time, and the judge issued a new order with a penal notice attached.

I've made it clear each time I've emailed the court that the delay is being caused by the other party, and I'm doing my best to get them to comply. The irony is I don't want anything from him, not the massive personal injury payout that we know he's hiding, or the large inheritance from his parents.He's now breached the new order as he still hasn't filed, but I've notified the court and I'll let him take his chances with the judge at our next hearing in a couple of months. If you don't already have a penal notice, then you can email the court, explain that you still don't have the required information and could the court assist in ensuring that the other party complies - that was all I did in order to get the penal notice attached.

Lots of luck x

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