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cant sleep worried sick

  • milliesmum
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26 Mar 12 #320056 by milliesmum
Topic started by milliesmum
i have been searching the net trying to get the answer to this, my divorce is finished its taken nearly 4yrs and im just waiting on my ex to sign the house over. its been 5months and i believe its something that should be done in 6wks, im really worried that he will never sign it over? is that possible? we have no contact, he doesnt even want to see the children, im so worried that he may believe that not signing over the house means he gets to keep his share? im not sleeping and i cry alot about this. please help, i need someone to tell me what i should do. my lawyer says not to worry, but i keep thinking about it

  • LadySMB
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26 Mar 12 #320057 by LadySMB
Reply from LadySMB

It''s so awful worrying and not sleeping and all those concerns going round and round in yourhead :(

For now I would take the advise of your sols/lawyer and do nothing. You cannot make him sign the house over to you... he has too want to do it. You have to play the waiting game and hope that he realises that this is in the interest of the children... to have a safe, secure and stable environment.

Try and remember that you and the children will always be housed in some way. Hopefully by remaining in the home you are in now. Is your ex contributing towards the mortgage or providing maintenance? Are you at the Consent Order stage?

Take it one day at a time and try not to count the days/months/years..... its hard I know, but one day at a time will help you sleep. Think in the present, not in the future, or you will worry all the more. Tonight you are in your house, tomorrow you are in your house.... forget next week or next month.

I really hope that you receive the news you are hoping for.

  • dukey
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  • Moderator
  • Moderator
26 Mar 12 #320080 by dukey
Reply from dukey
Do you have a consent order or an order of court?, if you have its not a problem, i would guess you do if your solicitor says not to worry.

  • milliesmum
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  • New Member
26 Mar 12 #320081 by milliesmum
Reply from milliesmum
he doesnt pay any mortgage because there never was one, my mother died and i had enough money to buy a house, i sold my flat which i had paid for myself and put the house in both our names 5monthes after he left me for another women and went on to have children with her very quickly. i truely beleiev that he married me for the money because we were only married for a year and a half.
i just really want to know that no matter what happens to him that because the judge has signed and sealed it, it will mean that he can not go back on the deal? he has done everything in his power to get as much as he can out of me . even trying to get out of maintaince for the children. im sick of him calling all the shots while my children suffer. i had a good job and savings once now i live off a rental income and thats it

  • vivi36
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26 Mar 12 #320085 by vivi36
Reply from vivi36
If you have a consent order then that''s it! I also believe that with a short marriage you get out what you put in financially.

My x is stalling signing our house over. The consent order was agreed last year. Last week I went into my sol to sign my side of the mortgage and the tfransfer deeds. My worry was that my ex lives a champagne lifestyle and ran up debt during the marriage funding that and his affairs. Since separation he has taken out 2 further loans and poah car finance. My worry has always been the box that askes if he is a home owner. So I told my sol that I wanted the transfer done asap as he is planning to get married in a few months and I don''t want any more debt being signed for and the lending thinking that he good for it. My sol is adament that if he did this then he would be commiting fraud and that it absolutley not my problem because there is a Consent Order in place.

You need to let this go in your head and trust your solicitor. Above everything else your health is the most important, if your not eating and sleeping then how are you supposed to look after your family properly? One day at a time!

Take care (())

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