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Whats the difference between lust and love ?

  • Jacko
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03 Mar 08 #15608 by Jacko
Reply from Jacko
These are not all my words, but think it’s a good reflection of what I feel regards lust & love

I like to delude myself that I keep things simple when possible for I feel life, in itself, is complicated enough without us attempting to add to it. This being said:

I simply believe lust is something you can feel instantly and love is something that grows during time.

I believe lust is concerened with self gratification and love is more concerned with your significant other.

I believe lust is all about self and love is about others.

I think lust serves self and love serves others.

I believe lust creates false security and love is security.

I think lust is "fool's gold" and love is "pure gold".

I believe lust drains a potential relationship whereas love feeds it.

  • rainy
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03 Mar 08 #15612 by rainy
Reply from rainy
I can only tell you what I believe love is.

when your stomach turns over everytime you see them.

when you take note of every little detail they say or do.

when you want to spend every minute of the day with them.

when they walk into a room and you only see them.

the world seems a better place when you are in love.

you know what they are going to say and feel.

  • longjohn
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  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
03 Mar 08 #15623 by longjohn
Reply from longjohn
I summise your attitude to casual relationships is very similar to mine! Would add that whilst love is security it can only occur on a "2 way street", the partner has to recognise 'what love is' also. To love is to give unconditionally, to be in love is when two people give to each other unconditionally and consistently. To be alone in love is truly very destructuve though..............

  • IKNOWNOW's Avatar
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03 Mar 08 #15677 by IKNOWNOW
Reply from IKNOWNOW
Mummybear, you and me find ourselves asking the same question. I believe I have found love. He is the first thing I think of when I open my eyes and the last thing I think about when I close them and all the moments in bewtween. I love his whole being; my heart aches when we are apart. We just connect on so many levels. It is hard to explain but I don't think it can JUST be lust, the pain is too intense. Hope you find the answer you are seeking mummybear, and maybe if you can't then that is the answer. Let me know what you find out.

Regards, Sarah x

  • JulesW
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04 Mar 08 #15691 by JulesW
Reply from JulesW
Ths sounds like it may be of help to you;
I haven't tried it yet but perhaps the usual suspects could do their own quiz and share the answers.

  • phoenix1
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  • Platinum Member
04 Mar 08 #15693 by phoenix1
Reply from phoenix1
I think everyone will have a different answer but to me lust and love are so so different, Lust is fast,raw and furious with no building blokes involved and crumbles in time.
Love on the other hand is built slowly and gets stronger all the time(or should)Love is about so many things,Love is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day however big or small.

  • loobyloo
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  • Visitor
04 Mar 08 #15694 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
We are all on this site because of love or lust.
We have all been in love and lost out to lust!!!
I personally think as humans we need an eliment of both but its the fine tuning of the balance where we perhaps fail.
If you think about it when you 1st meet that someone it is lust at first..surely...But if its right the love is fed and grows by the right portions of lust, that is enough to balance but not destruct
I think love and lust and trust are the trinty to a good healthy relationship..... comments!
love you all...loobyX

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