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Already divorced. New partners income/assets.

  • Rickysf
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13 Sep 12 #355553 by Rickysf
Reply from Rickysf
Thanks nwtt, rugby and wr. Very comprehensive Rugby and much appreciated.

The sense I get is that the sensible strategy is to buy a comparable property to my x (which will incidentally be in a less expensive postcode and no doubt be of lower value than hers) in my sole name with a chunky mortgage. My new partner keeps her property. Once my new, much lower income level is established back in the uk I apply for variation of maintenance. Capitalization of maintenance won''t be relevant as my liquid assets will be minimal after the house purchase and my pension value hasn''t increased much since the divorce and isn''t large anyway. Long after the dust has settled after the renegotiation of maintenance my new partner may decide to sell her place and transfer equity to my house where we become co-owners and pay off the mortgage.

Sound like a decent plan?

By the way, I met my new partner long after getting divorced.

Really appreciate all your words of wisdom!

  • hawaythelads
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13 Sep 12 #355554 by hawaythelads
Reply from hawaythelads
Of course the only sensible way to approach this is buy your own place on your own and don''t give the ex wife an inkling you have a partner whatsoever.
Also you''ve been through one divorce which has cost you a packet and left you financially emancipated.Why the feck would you then want to embroil yourself financially with another woman anyway?
5-10 years down the road when this relationship has got boring you''re then lumbered trying to separate this lot of finances legally as well.
3 or 4 nights a week with a woman is well enough gives you both an opportunity to enjoy the relationship whilst maintaining your individuality as well.
All the best
HRH xx

  • Rickysf
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13 Sep 12 #355558 by Rickysf
Reply from Rickysf
I get where you''re coming from. No more marriage for me, that''s for sure. At least my new partner will contribute financially to our relationship, something my ex never did (even before kids). Legal agreements will be drawn up so if we ever do split we''ll simply take out what we put into the relationship (predominantly the house). I''m not getting fleeced again!

  • soulruler
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13 Sep 12 #355563 by soulruler
Reply from soulruler
Interestingly the law commission has made proposals that pre nups and I expect legal agreements are binding.

The article was on front page of Telegraph on Tuesday.

They are looking to simplify divorce law so that it isn''t a postcode lottery, exclude houses bought before a marriage and a load more.

I did a brief post called Law Commission Financial in Finances section of this site.

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