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Child hating me. Why?

  • TEIN
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08 Sep 21 #517663 by TEIN
Reply from TEIN
Treatment and Prevention of Parental Alienation
March 12, 2020
Philip M. Koszyk, MD, William Bernet, MD

Found this article on the Psychiatric Times website.

Certainly feels like my situation and has me up in the nights worrying about the damage being done to my children's future.

  • rubytuesday
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  • Moderator
08 Sep 21 #517664 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday
Here is the link to the article TEIN mentioned - www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/treatment-...-parental-alienation

  • Djsmith
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08 Sep 21 #517665 by Djsmith
Reply from Djsmith
Also but at the end we are all at the hands of the Courts and especially the solicitors as they know best!

Or are they in it for the money (legal Aid) makes this very unfair playing field!

The Damage they inflict on all parties esp the children who suffer mentally by going without, at the end it’s a long game that should never be played.

  • alreid1612
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14 Oct 21 #517916 by alreid1612
Reply from alreid1612
The article is OK. I have no doubt that parental alienation occurs and it must be terrible. My experience is of an unjustified allegation of parental alienation against my now wife. There was an ongoing child protection issue that was silenced as soon as the ex husband raised the issue of PA. Not just my wife, the child, but the social services and police who had been involved were all taken out by the accusation of PA. It added a year to the Court proceedings and unsurprisingly was unfounded.It was astonishing and on next to no evidence. For those who have not seen the despatches programme on PA they should watch it. Maybe you could add it to your library/resources on this subject. Anyone who is interested in the subject absolutely must read Judge Bellamy's consideration of Child D. It sets out alienating behaviours, guardians and experts input etc. That should be added too.

  • chatsworth08
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25 Apr 22 #519232 by chatsworth08
Reply from chatsworth08
hello, my friends. not been on here for a while, anyway. nothing has changed, still not seen my son for over 4 years now and he doesn't really respond to my texts at all on WhatsApp.
I still send him money and cards at Christmas and birthdays, sometimes I even get a THNX with an emoji of a dollar or pound note, still, I should be grateful he responds.
from time to time o do email his mum and ask why he's blocked me on WhatsApp and I get the response, I don't know why and I can't make him speak to you. classic.....I don't give a shxt towards me. oh well nothing new there, but I get on with life now anyway, I'm in a relationship, she's lovely.
In the back of my mind the manipulation that my boy's mum has done to him, I feel sad at times,
I miss him and love him terribly.
I just hope one day he contacts me. I have done nothing wrong at all. I can say that with a clear conscience. but one day.....hello dad would make my life.

so that's where I am in my boy's life, .....nowhere.

but I'm here for him 24/7 should he decide differently.

hope all of my friends have been keeping well and hopefully no longer on here and have sorted things out in their life.

anyway, I still keep in contact with his school so i know how he's doing there, and he's doing brilliant, so I'm so very proud of him.

all the best.


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