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  • witch13h
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12 Feb 08 #13687 by witch13h
Topic started by witch13h
my h is at it again threatening to sell house i know he cant do it without my consent but he says cause we have only been married since july i have no rights... even although we have been together 13yrs and our little boy is 11yrs....
the house has walls down ,no kitchen cooker ect ..me and my wee boy still live here as he says if i leave he will change locks and we wont get back in...
he lives with his brother....
he says give him 40,000 and he will leave but as far as i understand the bank owns the house...
this person has put me through a life of mental abuse for all these years and things are so messed up with his threats that i am feeling rather ill...

the last house we had he took all the profit but i was just so happy getting my little garden and him not bulling me for a while that i dissmissed it..

but 7ys down the road i feel that i have been living in a strangers house who can pull all my dreams apart without
them lossing anything...

i would like it all sorted before my son goes to 2nd year in august..

  • mike62
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13 Feb 08 #13743 by mike62
Reply from mike62
Sounds like an awful situation to be in. Can he sell the house? I doubt it. Perhaps you should look at registering an interest in the house with the Land Registry. THat stops him selling it without your consent. Unfortunately, as you only married in July, you can't start divorce proceedings until 12 months have passed.
If you want some ideas as to what to do, you would need to post up some more information about your husbands income, your house value, your outstanding mortgage etc.

It seems that you need some emotional support too. Controlling bullies are very difficult to cope with.

Even though though have been married less than a year, you still have many rights, in spite of what drivel he has fed to you.

Take some comfort that people here will help, if you ask.

Take care of yourself and your son. Your husband isn't worth cleaning off your shoe.


  • Specialdad
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13 Feb 08 #13753 by Specialdad
Reply from Specialdad
He sounds like a nasty piece of work.

Get a non molestation order to keep him away.

Get a occupation order so that he cant enter the property and harass you.

Once the year is over start divorce proceedings and start financial proceddings as well.

Dont give into the bully boy tactics, if you are not happy with any offer tell him you will see him in court.

Change the locks once you get the non molestation order.

SD :)

  • witch13h
  • witch13h's Avatar Posted by
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25 Feb 08 #14964 by witch13h
Reply from witch13h
Thanks for your support .....i read all the comments on this site ...and i cant beleave how much unhappiness there is in peoples lifes .....

My h ... KEEPS TELLING me to pack my bags and leave ..with my wee boy....as i have no right to be in HIS house as HE pays the morgage....
13yrs counts for NOTHING

I am totally sickened with my life .....all i do is cry ...

some days i feel strong and then i feel weak again..

If i go to the police he says he will make sure i end up in the gutter....

I am so sick of fighting ,,,sometimes i feel like walking away and leaving him with everything .....

But i have no-where to go....then i start thinking silly things like...my wee boy has school ,,and how would i take all my things i had before i meet him ect ect ...

He says hes been to a lawyer and cose we havent been married 1yr i havent a leg to stand on,,,
He is so bad ,,,, and that 13yrs living together means nil

I was told by a lawyer i wasnt in good situation as i wasnt on dedts ,,,,but when we went to get my name on ,,morgage,,,bank wouldnt do it because HE was blacklisted....

This whole thing is just a living nitemare...

The house is a wreck ,,,but in one of my stronger moments i told him nothing was getting done to it ,,,if i was getting nothing after 13yrs then he would get nothing ...
as house is worth less the way it stands....It is like playing mind games constantly ....

  • witch13h
  • witch13h's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
25 Feb 08 #15005 by witch13h
Reply from witch13h
How do i go about getting a Registery of intrerst on house

H has phoned all day `reading article from paper``and glotting `` that scottish law favours men and in scotland they have more rights

  • Fiona
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25 Feb 08 #15006 by Fiona
Reply from Fiona
Scottish law is different and the matrimonial pot will be those assets accrued between the dates of marriage and separation, but cohabitants have rights too if they are financially disadvantaged by the relationship.

Re: DV and matrimonial home see;-


PS It's rubbish to say Scottish men have more rights, the law treats people in the same circumstances in the same way. In Scotland the aim of divorce settlements is Clean Break so there aren't prolonged periods of spouse maintenance payments that's all.

  • witch13h
  • witch13h's Avatar Posted by
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26 Feb 08 #15072 by witch13h
Reply from witch13h



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