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Chattels - what is the score?

  • esox11
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25 Sep 12 #357819 by esox11
Topic started by esox11
I have moved out nearly a year ago now. I have been refurbishing a place and have now movd in. My S2BX lives in comfort at out FMH with our daughter.
Chattels and their listing and seperation is now on the cards... There are some things dear to me as gifts and memories but furniture wise as it is my daughters home to i wont want much. My S2BX though seems to not want to share anyting? or very little saying I am being "petty over worthless things"... hmmmm
£35000 contents insurance says differant!

Any tips of sorting chattles out would be welcomed. thanks

  • TBagpuss
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25 Sep 12 #357822 by TBagpuss
Reply from TBagpuss
unfirtunately, chattels re often one of those thngs where fighting over them quickly becomes uneconomical.

A few points to be aware of. In terms of value, the relevant value isn''t what the things costs, what they are insured for, or what they would cost to replace, it''s what they would be worth if they were sold. Since 2nd hand furniture and household goods don''t have much value, this is generally a lot less than the insurance value.

What I would suggest is making a list of the specific items which you do want. Senf this to you wex (or their solicitor if there is one) asking for those items, and asking when you can collect them. Ideally suggest 2 or 3 dates/times when you could pick them up.

If you have not yet reached a finacial settlementthen you can include the home conetns in any offers you make - again, list the items you want. If agreed, this can be included in any order.

It''s usually reasonable for things which were yours before you married, or which were gifts/inheritance to you both, from your family, to come to you.

If you ex is saying that the hings are worthless than why is s/he objecting to you having them...?

  • Action
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26 Sep 12 #357883 by Action
Reply from Action
I was told that courts get really fed up with couples fighting over chattels, to the degree that they can order them all to be sold at auction and the value split. Might be worth pointing that out to your STBX, as auction value would be pretty poor for most house contents, and you would have to deduct the cost of sale too.

  • hasski
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26 Sep 12 #357924 by hasski
Reply from hasski
I used to see it in the movies; couples spending thousands in lawyers fees arguing over who owns which CD. I swore that would not be me

My stbx was in her angry phase and was refusing to let me take even belongings I had before we met (personal items and things we had in storage). She kept almost all the wedding gifts (thousands), all but two items of furniture (most of which was brand new).

In the end I agreed, just to stop wasting more money on legal fees. She had changed the locks to stop me going there even though there was no court order and it was my house, paid for with my money.

I went on the date agreed, with Police escort (she tried to claim before that I assaulted her) to collect my worldly belongings. I had one hour and inevitably missed some things (mostly sentimental items). She continues to refuse to return those one year on

She used the "you''re being petty" line on me too. Mostly as an excuse to justify her despicable behaviour (if it were worthless, why can''t I have my childhood chess set?)

Not all sins go unpunished in this lifetime
. I''ve learned to look past it. The more she behaves abominably, the more relieved I am to be away from her

It''s only money. Focus on the macro stuff not the micro stuff. In years to come this won''t matter a jot

  • esox11
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26 Sep 12 #357958 by esox11
Reply from esox11
Good advice I think.
My s2bx is upset because I deemed it necessary to list everything not just what she didn''t want. Some stuff like your chess set means more to me than money. Some is just me thinking I have nothing and she has everything! Jealous of her 3 tv, wardrobes, dishwasher, computer etc.

Bitterness .... Possibly and I need to get over it and move on. Not easy?!!

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