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Where There''s A Will ..................

  • dukey
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24 Mar 13 #386016 by dukey
Reply from dukey
I used it, so did the guy I work with (he''s not a wiki), they ask what you would like to happen and who you want to be incharge of your estate, I did it by email, took a few days to get a draft to approve, then a final copy, it''s quite post actually, oh and they thought of a few things I hadn''t, not bad for under £50.

  • Stumpylad70
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24 Mar 13 #386023 by Stumpylad70
Reply from Stumpylad70
I have already had a will made out, even though the divorce isnt done yet. In essence it means that everything will go to my son. The house sale will continue, to pay the mortgage, and my share along with any money from my pension''s death in service benefit will be held in trust until my son is old enough.

I was advised that STBX couyld contest the will, but that isnt really my problem. I''ll be dead. Though I may just come back as a zombie and eat her if she does.

  • Enough Already
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12 Apr 13 #388744 by Enough Already
Reply from Enough Already

Is the wiki service suitable for potentially complex situations?

My partner and I co-habit and are long term partners, his ex wife has a claim under the dependants act (specified in court order due to joint lives global maint in court order), he has no contact with his 2 siblings or his father (mother deceased), has 3 kids none of whom he is in contact with. We own a property jointly.

He doesn''t want to leave anything to any of them (will probably leave a nominal amount to kids) but can he specifically disinherit the others (especially ex wife)? If so, can a wiki will account for that adequately or would a sol have to draw it up?



  • redwine47
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12 Apr 13 #388746 by redwine47
Reply from redwine47
Wills.... Hmmm I have mine done & dusted. Me & my 2 boys.

Most importantly I have appointed a guardian and substitute if all fails in event of my early demise (not surprising re stress)..

Who gets what is sorted. And then who gets what is sorted if in the event me & children die in car accident etc horror... Eg do you want ur ***** aunt sister to get ur legacy? No!

It has to be done or ur worst enemy cld get..

It''s a relief to know hopefully my wishes are sorted.. And the dogs home will be ok lol . X

  • raybird
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12 Apr 13 #388763 by raybird
Reply from raybird
i used the will writing service to, found them very good and done it all over the phone

changed my will as soon as IT left, but needs to be changed again, when the house is sold xxxxxxx

  • perin123
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12 Apr 13 #388764 by perin123
Reply from perin123
I need to do this as well, am being thick, whereabouts on wiki do I apply?

  • WhiteRose
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12 Apr 13 #388785 by WhiteRose
Reply from WhiteRose
dukey wrote:

Took me a while and I bought one, hope this link works.


Dukey has added the link to the Wikivorce Will service.

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