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Legal aid

  • neerod
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30 Dec 07 #9695 by neerod
Topic started by neerod
:(Hi Yes I am in exactly the same situation. my sol tells me, leagal aid, doe's not cover this or that, and she doe's not have to forward all conrespondance to me, she actually read me snippets from a letter, I contiually asked for a copy of this letter to no avail, quote from her.''we do not have to forward every letter to you''.I feel this is incorrect, as how can I answer, or instruct her, if she is hiding things from me? any advise more then welcome....thanks

  • gone1
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02 Jan 08 #9819 by gone1
Reply from gone1
Neerod. This dont sound right at all. Sounds like the tail wagging the dog to me. They also sound a bit lazy to me.

Dont forget a sol advises and a client decides. How can you decide if you are not seeing the full picture? You are in the driving seat and its your divorce. I would have a word or take your case elsewhere. Put the stick about. Chris.

  • Fiona
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02 Jan 08 #9821 by Fiona
Reply from Fiona
The problem is solicitors prepared to take on legal aid work are hard to find because it doesn't really pay and they need to keep their costs down as much as possible. If you want all correspondence forwarding perhaps you need to offer to pay.

1.3.4 Solicitors should consider, where possible, sending any sub-
stantive items of correspondence to clients for checking initially, particularly if that correspondence contains proposals for settlement. They should send copies of all but routine letters to their clients as a matter ofcourse,unless there is specific reason not to do so.

Family Law Protocol

  • Josh2008
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18 Jan 08 #11085 by Josh2008
Reply from Josh2008
All correspondance should be forwarded IMHO....

How much does it really cost a solicitor to instruct their office staf fto photocopy ALL incoming correspondance and forward to their client(s)

I would say no more than £1 per pop, they could even charge a couple of £'s to justify it...

This is what I was told by a solicitor, "I only get about £70 p.h. for normal legal work and as low as £35 p.h. when I am driving, so you see how little we can get under legally assisted clientel"

What she didn't say was that she actually charges clients £170p.h. even when driving to court!!!!!!!

Can someone tell me how many taxi drivers earn £35 p.h., not a lot I should imagine, and they treat their clients like 'Customers' cannot say that for any sol....

  • attilladahun
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18 Jan 08 #11112 by attilladahun
Reply from attilladahun
Taxi Drivers don't have overheads of solicitors
Indemnity insurance costs my firm c £30K pa just for 3 fee earners
We calculate it costs our firm £90 per hour min to mbreak even before any profit is earned

A celebrated legal aid firm in NW was held out as a flagship firm and ONLY did LA

With 7 partners they went bust oving c £4 million!!!

That is why very few firms prefer to undertake LA work
Is it surprising corners get cut!!

In my view sending a comp slip + letter is the norm in our firm -that costs a lot less

  • Josh2008
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19 Jan 08 #11129 by Josh2008
Reply from Josh2008
Appreciate the post on Sol costs and breakeven point.

Bit unsure why the large indemnity insurance, is that £10k per annum per fee earner or is it £30k per annum per practice.

Seems an awful lot when spread over a practice's fee earner lifetime employment.

I suppose it covers for those Sols, that run away with clients monies etc..., still seems a lot, surely not that many 'Bad Apples' in the profession

I know of one who 'ran away' with over £3m in 1984, set up allsorts of businesses, but was caught and susequently jailed, and some of the money was clawed back.

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