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Consent Order precedents.

  • maggie
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12 Sep 09 #145771 by maggie
Topic started by maggie
It costs a fortune to buy books listing Consent Order precedents - eg
"Family Law Precedents Service
Authors Roger Bird & David Salter
Jordan Publishing
Product Family Law Precedents Service Looseleaf+CD £335
Service 3 updates p.a. at approx £115 each"
The Ancillary Relief Handbook - Roger Bird again - lists some standard ones - the latest edition costs £60?
These precedents give valuable insight into the standard practice and "rules" applied.
Strikes me these precedents are the property of people who've divorced - ie us Wikivorcers.
Is there any way Wikivorce can start to list the way our Consent Orders have dealt with various aspects/categories of financial settlements and the wording used?
A Consent Order section could be added to each of the relevant current Forum categories?
Also, maybe setting out our experiences of some of the pitfalls/unintended consequences for each precedent might help people/lawyers avoid the worst mistakes?
Black Museum of Consent Order precedents?

  • NellNoRegrets
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12 Sep 09 #145779 by NellNoRegrets
Reply from NellNoRegrets
If these are published books, you should be able to order them for loan from your local public library under the Inter-Library Loan scheme for a small fee (50p or so).

Or spend the money on transport to the nearest library that has these.

Or on a solicitor to draw up a consent order for you.

  • maggie
  • maggie's Avatar Posted by
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  • Platinum Member
12 Sep 09 #145856 by maggie
Reply from maggie
I'll check on the availability of Family Law Precedents Service and AR handbook from the Public Library system.
Do you think it desirable to have available online our own fund of precedents?

I should explain that my suggestion is not about people drawing up their own Consent Order - although I feel that should be possible- it's about people being aware of all the various means available to engineer a fair outcome.
After my AR claim was settled it was a revelation to me to see in an old copy of the AR handbook the range of even common types of orders that can be used.
Consent Orders reveal standard and best practice for AR and would be useful real information for divorcers negotiating a fair outcome.

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