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what the??????

  • wazo
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12 Mar 10 #191516 by wazo
Topic started by wazo
Right am somewhat de-sensitised to a point having been on this merry-go round for a good 18+ months.

Whilst I appreciate that money needs to be had to keep things afloat.. surely wiki is not that desperate to get a very common brand dating site signed up for ads?????

Having endured the thick of it for now what seems a an age ago Im finally coming out the other side thank goodness. The support of lots of members on this site got me to this place a lot quicker, am sure, than had ive not have bee here.

So a great big tq for all wikipeeps - some of which I owe you more than you can ever imagine.

Now, back to the point, flash backwards (god forbid) my own predicament 18 months ago.. set the scene ive searched some random div question.. the results include wiki and Ive clicked on ..random ads for M****.com in my face would have put me right off ... never to return!

If you want some income just ask for subs, thats my suggestion|!

  • chris75
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12 Mar 10 #191517 by chris75
Reply from chris75
A bit "off" i agree Waso, its not really what you want to see when you are at your wits end with stbx and everything is falling down around your ears.
I suppose it might be of interest to some peeps who are coming out the other side but i take your point and it doesn't sit comfortably with me either.
All businesses need cash to operate and Wiki isn't really an exception is it?


  • Ursa Major
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12 Mar 10 #191525 by Ursa Major
Reply from Ursa Major
I quite agree, I was astounded at the inappropriateness of advertising a dating agency on a site for people who are often traumatised by the early stages of divorce.

I now note that it has changed to advertising holidays, equally "off" when one considers the number of people who are in desperate straits trying to keep a roof over their heads and food in the bairns' mouths

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