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Order of My Wikivorce

  • MontyPython
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18 Jul 10 #214880 by MontyPython
Topic started by MontyPython
Hi, just a suggestion. I am a blogger on this site and find it a bit cumbersum to trawl right down to my blogs. It is a long way after all the friends and comments and then forum comments, then forum posts, to then arrive. Can they all not have the same level of importance/ choice on the tabs?
Can the items on My Wikivorce, not be ordered so I can access my blog quicker?
Also can my blogs be numbered like the forum posts. I know they are counted, but would be uselful if they are numbered too.
Just a thought today, hope something can be done.
Supercali xx

  • rubytuesday
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  • Moderator
19 Jul 10 #214884 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday

If you move your mouse over the "my wikivorce" tab, you will see that there is a button called "view my blog" (its the fourth option that appears), click on this, and it will take you direct to your blog page. If you choose the "create/edit blog" option, then it gives a list of each blog (starting with the most recent at the top) along with the date it was published.

I dont if numbering your blogs is possible (im not up on the techno-know-how) but they are listed chronologically with the exact date each blog was published.

Blogging is a very important tool - and as someone who used to blog on an almost monotonous regularity, I do understand how important blogs are to those who use them.

  • Tets
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  • Moderator
19 Jul 10 #214885 by Tets
Reply from Tets
You can also get to the community blogs page by following Community - Blogs on the main tabs.

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