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Too many forum areas/sub-areas

  • MajorTom
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04 Feb 18 #499366 by MajorTom
Topic started by MajorTom
I have been on here for a about a month and as per the title, there are too many sections for posts to be made. This makes responses too spread out, as users don't want to go through every forum category.

Less categories would make it easier to navigate and also provide more useful answers to questions being raised.

Other than that, this is a great site.

  • polar
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04 Feb 18 #499367 by polar
Reply from polar
It reflects the complex situation of divorce where every case is different.
It does give you directions to follow and saved me ££££££ in that direction.
That said it is not a legal advice site per se and mainly the questions are answered as advice by people who are volunteers and are not on £250 per hour.
The site is FREE , anonymous and one of the very best all rounders in the divorce field.
It is not clogged up with adverts like other 'free' sites although it does recommend certain solicitors.

All advice is given freely and the same old questions come up again and again. Times change, circumstances change, new rules come in and so on. Therefore all posts tend to be 'personal' experiences of the system and how they navigated through all the crap created by a legal system. There are few experts on here just people who are willing to log on and help.

Wait until you read the 1000th post asking 'how much will I get'' giving absolutely minimum information and expecting a volunteer to give you a difinitive answer because they don't want a huge legal bill.

All I know is how my divorce went and I was quoted £30,000. It ended up costing me £1000 +court costs because the direction given freely on here allowed me to negotiate with my x's solicitor with a degree of knowledge and authority.

Thats why I use my limited knowledge on here to point others in the right direction but I do not claim to be an expert. Just sharing experiences helps others to navigate divorce and how to recover from it. Whether my ideas fit with others situations remains open to debate but remember some people have no one else to support them in all of this mess and as it is the first time people find themselves in this situation and are often screwed up to hell emotionally it is nice to know there is someone willing to listen.

  • Under60
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  • Platinum Member
04 Feb 18 #499370 by Under60
Reply from Under60
I click on view latest posts on the side, and regardless of which category you have posted in, if it's recent it appears!

  • Clawed
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  • Platinum Member
05 Feb 18 #499410 by Clawed
Reply from Clawed
Under60 wrote:

I click on view latest posts on the side, and regardless of which category you have posted in, if it's recent it appears!

Me too.

  • .Charles
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06 Feb 18 #499460 by .Charles
Reply from .Charles
Some contributors also click on unanswered posts and see upon which ones that can provide input.

I usually use the latest posts option.


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