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Unexpected emotions.

  • AngieP
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06 Apr 14 #428936 by AngieP
Topic started by AngieP
Just taken great nosedive on emotional roller coaster today. There was I thinking had emotions under control now - went to friends party this afternoon - feeling quite pleased with myself, new dress, daughter told me how nice I looked Two friends at the party who I have known for 25 years - well they have known us as a couple and had been at our wedding. They already knew there were problems in relationship and I did tell them a little more and that we were getting divorced. Fine whilst at party but when I was driving home on motorway felt lump in my throat and tears in my eyes - and really sad. Managed not to cry and have not done so for quite some time - have usually done my crying in car- absolutely no going back but brought back a lot of memories and just hit me how wretched this whole business is. x

  • afonleas
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06 Apr 14 #428938 by afonleas
Reply from afonleas
Angie,you will suffer these moments for a while yet((()))

Like you I cried mostly in the car,and generally driving home from work,going home to an empty house etc,but it does get easier.
I was out last Saturday night with my family,all couples and Billy no mates, Me...
Did I feel alone?initially I did,but then it became easier..
Memories can be very cruel,but when it''s time to live with them peacefully will come;)

Cwtchs Hun Xxxxx

  • Hollyxxx
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06 Apr 14 #428940 by Hollyxxx
Reply from Hollyxxx
Angie, xxxxx I am sure this will happen for some time ahead, I know it happens to me, after along marriage you can''t just let go in a heartbeat, it takes along time, we just need to ride this roller coaster and trust all the people so much further ahead than us who tell us things get better. you take care. xxxx

  • Patsy39
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  • Elite Member
06 Apr 14 #428951 by Patsy39
Reply from Patsy39
Bless you Angie - I know exactly how you feel.
It''s awful when you think you''re doing really well and then suddenly something triggers your emotions and the tears come flooding.
It''s happened to me so many times and sometimes takes you completely by surprise.
I had a similar experience yesterday. Had been doing really well for months now and then i bumped into someone last night and ended up crying my eyes out in a bar! So today I''m feeling flat and drained BUT i know tomorrow is another day and it will get better.
Take care.

  • Butterfly Lady
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06 Apr 14 #428966 by Butterfly Lady
Reply from Butterfly Lady
Angie I know that feeling so well. Last weekend I felt amazing, content with life. Then this week it''s all gone so badly wrong and I''ve fallen off the emotional ladder and cried for the first time in ages. But I shook myself off and tried to not dwell. I am sure as I slip into the final weeks of the divorce it will happen again. Just feel so so sad that it came to this
Take care you are only human
BL xx

  • bulldog
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06 Apr 14 #428988 by bulldog
Reply from bulldog
It just hits you from nowhere doesn''t it. I find it happens when I talk about my youngest daughter whose only 7. We have 3 older children 22.20 and 18 but I feel so bad for our youngest cos she doesn''t have that luxury of a mum and a dad in the same house that our older 3 had. But she''s doing fine so it''s probably just me


  • flowerofscotland
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06 Apr 14 #428989 by flowerofscotland
Reply from flowerofscotland
Hi AngieP,

We can, in our own time, deal with the legal, the practical and the financial aspects of divorce, but and it is a big but, that the emotional side is another area altogether and there are absolutely no timescales, it will take what it will take, however long that may be.

I still have ''meltdowns'' and I am 4 years down this road, so do not be too hard on yourself, for you are only human and there is no written manual on a quick fix recovery. If I an totally honest with myself, I am not sure if I will ever completely ''recover'', I have come to terms with the fact that these scars of divorce will go to the grave with me, but in the interim, acceptance is what I still seek to be at peace.

Take one day at a time and just remember it is a roller coaster!

Take care for now FoS x

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