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Term Main definition
Financial Provision Order

Order that one party pay the other a periodical payment or lump sum or transfer property to them.

Financial Remedies Unit (FRU)

Specialist unit within the Family Court dedicated to the efficient handling of cases of financial complexity.

Financial Remedy

Financial settlement to a spouse on divorce.

Financial Statement

Form on which parties to a divorce must disclose their financial details.


Hearing convened to determine whether or not some alleged violence or abuse did indeed take place.

First Directions Appointment (FDA)

In financial proceedings the first meeting with the judge.

First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment (FHDRA)

In children proceedings the first meeting with the judge.

Form E

A form produced by the court service that is commonly used to facilitate the documentation and exchange of financial information between the two parties in a divorce financial settlement case. It is a mandatory document for cases being dealt with in court and is also used by some solicitors and mediators as a standardised template for voluntary financial disclosure.


Fast-track procedure enabling a local authority to make a placement of a child with an approved prospective adopter.

Freeing Order

Order which frees a child for adoption.

Functus Officio (Latin: “having performed his office”):

Status of a judge who has fulfilled his office with no jurisdiction to reopen the case or change his mind.

Future Harm

Harm which has not yet befallen a child but which may at some unspecified future date


Behaviour of a parent who believes they have the right to control the other parent’s access to their child.

Gillick Competence

Capacity of a child to understand his own case.

Grepe v Loam Order

Civil restraint order preventing a vexatious litigant from making further applications.

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A big thank you to Nick and Ruth Langford for their contribution to the Wikivorce glossary. For a more in-depth definition of the various legal terms listed above take a look at their book : The Family Law A to Z available to buy on Amazon.