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Term Main definition
Mirror Order

Order which must be obtained from a foreign jurisdiction before the English or Welsh Court will allow a parent to remove their child to that jurisdiction.


Error made by a judge either in relation to the law or to the facts of a case.

Motion Roll Hearing

In Scotland, an interim hearing.

National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS)

A charity which can become involved in family cases in the role of children’s guardians as an alternative to CAFCASS.

Needs, Wishes & Feelings

A report conducted by CAFCASS in order to determine the child’s ‘ascertainable wishes and feelings’ and his ‘physical, emotional and educational needs’.



Persistent failure to meet a child’s physical or emotional needs, resulting in impairment to health or development.

Synonyms - Disregard, Ignore, Overlook
Neutral Citation

System of classifying cases introduced in 2001 which consists of the name of the case and the year and court in which it was heard.

No Further Action (NFA)

Formula used by the police when there is insufficient evidence to justify charging or cautioning a suspect.

No-Delay Principle

Principle in Section 1(2) of the Children Act that delay in the court process be kept to a minimum.

No-Fault Divorce

Removal from divorce legislation of the long-standing requirement that the petitioner prove the respondent to be at fault in some way.

No-Order Principle

Principle that the Court should not make any order in respect of a child unless doing so is better for the child than making no order at all.


Injury to a child which cannot be explained as accidental.


In Scotland the condition of living separately for a specified period to qualify for divorce.

Non-Molestation Order (NMO or “Non-Mol”)

Injunctive order, preventing the respondent engaging in behaviour which the applicant finds distressing.

NonResident Parent (NRP)

Purely financial term used to describe the parent with liability for paying child support.

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A big thank you to Nick and Ruth Langford for their contribution to the Wikivorce glossary. For a more in-depth definition of the various legal terms listed above take a look at their book : The Family Law A to Z available to buy on Amazon.