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Divorce Dictionary

Term Main definition

Condition of a child who cannot inherit from his father.

Imerman Documents

Documents which have been obtained illegally or fraudulently.

Implacable Hostility

Remorseless and irrational hatred of the other parent and opposition to sharing parenting or compliance with a court order.

In Absentia (Latin: “in the absence of”)

Of a decision made by the Court despite the fact that one party has chosen not to attend.

In Camera (Latin: “in a chamber”)

A hearing conducted in private to which press and public are not admitted.

In Curia (Latin: “in a court”)

A hearing conducted in open court.

In Loco Parentis (Latin: ‘in the place of a parent’)

Relating to anyone who assumes the responsibilities of a parent.

In Utero (Latin: “in the womb”)

Of a child: not yet born.

Indirect Contact

Contact conducted through letters, cards and emails only.


Person who has not yet reached the age of legal majority.

Informal Notice

Application made in haste without the usual documentation.

Inherent Jurisdiction

Rule that a senior court has the power to try any matter which comes before it unless another court specifically has jurisdiction or its power is limited by a statute or rule.


Order obliging a party to do or prohibiting him from doing a thing.

Inlying Expenses

Additional or unforeseen costs in relation to bringing up a child.

Inter Alia (Latin: “amongst other things”)

Used, for example, where a court may make a variety of orders.