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Divorce Dictionary

Term Main definition
Law Report

Account of a case which has been worked up by a trained barrister or solicitor when the case makes a change to the law or is otherwise ‘reportable’.

Lay Advisor

Someone without legal qualification who gives advice on behalf of an organisation in the lay advice sector.

Leave of the court

Permission of the Court.

Legal Aid

Funding from the taxpayer to enable a litigant to purchase legal services.

Legal Executive

Qualified lawyer who has trained less broadly than a solicitor and specialised earlier.

Legal Service Order

Court order which enables one party to a marriage to access legal services by ordering the other to pay them a lump sum or instalments.

Lenocinium (Latin: “pimping”)

Rarely used defence in Scotland to a divorce based on adultery.

Lex Fori (Latin: “the law of the forum”)

Law applicable in the particular jurisdiction in which the case is heard

Lex Loci Celebrationis (Latin: “the law in the place of celebration”)

Law applicable in the jurisdiction in which a marriage is celebrated.

Liability Order

Court order enabling the Child Maintenance Service to enforce payment.

Liberty to Apply

Right of a litigant to apply for further appropriate orders or directions.


Short for "Litigant In Person". This refers to a person who is representing themself in divorce or other court proceedings. As opposed to the traditional situation where a solicitor would represent you and would litigate (deal/communicate with the other side and the court) on your behalf.

Litigant-in-Person (LiP)

Party to a case who attends court without representation by a lawyer.

Litigation Friend

Someone who assists a party who lacks capacity.

Locus Standi (Latin: “standing”)

Ability of an applicant to show the Court he has sufficient interest in a case to participate.