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The Divorce Process - a quick divorce takes several months to complete.

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Your Lawyer


The Court




Step 1 - The Divorce Petition


  You complete a simple questionnaire and send it to the lawyer, with your marriage certificate and proof of id.  

The lawyer completes the divorce petition. You need to pay the court fee of £550. The lawyer then sends the forms and fee to court.

The court registers your divorce, opens a case file and assigns a case number.

Step 2 - The Acknowledgement of Service


          The court sends the petition and Acknowledgement of Service forms to your spouse.  >

Your spouse has 7 days to respond, but may take longer, typically 2 to 3 weeks.

Step 3 - The Affadavit and Application for Directions

solicitor-suit.jpg       The lawyer, on your behalf, completes the Affadavit in support of the petition and the Application for Directions form. 


The court sends the lawyer the Acknowledgement of Service.    

Step 4 - The Decree Nisi

 gavel.jpg   You have reached the Decree Nisi milestone.

Your lawyer notifies you that you of the Decree Nisi.
A judges reviews the documents and if satisfied, sets a date for the Decree Nisi. The Decree Nisi is pronounced and the court notifies your lawyer.

Step 5 - Consent Order [Optional]

chat.jpg   If you and your spouse can reach an agreement over finances it can be made legally  binding in a Consent Order.  
Your lawyer can draft a Consent Order based on your requirements and submit it to court.  
A judge will review the Consent Order and as long as it is reasonably fair then it will be approved and made final and legally binding.  
You spouse must agree to and sign the Consent Order, and you both have to provide a short financial disclosure.

Step 6 - Apply For Decree Absolute


You receive your Decree Absolute and are finally  legally divorced.

Six weeks after the Decree Nisi the lawyer applies to court for the absolute

The lawyer forwards the certificate on to you.

If everything is in order, the court will issue the Decree Absolute.

The court sends the Decree Absolute to your lawyer.

The modern, convenient and affordable way to divorce.

No-Fault Divorce £179

We provide the UK's lowest cost no-fault divorce service, managed by a well respected firm of solicitors. 

Online Mediation £250

Online mediation is a convenient and inexpensive way to agree on a fair financial settlement.

Consent Order £259

This legally binding agreement defines how assets (e.g. properties and pensions) are to be divided.

Court Support £250

Support for people who have to go to court to get a fair divorce financial settlement without a solicitor.