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A guide for parents who want to keep out of court, and save their money and sanity
Diana Jordan

 An important new guide to a different way of divorcing. Packed with helpful tips and real-life case studies. The traditional way of divorcing is both divisive and expensive, and the conflict generated by it is damaging to children. This book is for parents who want to avoid these aspects of a divorce; it shows them how to have an amicable divorce and protect their children from the worst of the harm that separation can cause. It offers guidance for parents wanting to explain what's happening to their children, as well as how to communicate and co-parent better with their ex-partner. An overview of how the whole divorce process works is set out in an easy-to-understand format and language.

Love Lose Live: Divorce Is A Rollercoaster
Mary Banham-Hall

'Love Lose Live' is a window on divorce and family breakdown in our time. It is the mad, sad, bad and hilarious story of the Bailey family’s separation. We witness the grief, but also the recovery and moving on to new lives.

Breaking Up Blues
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A Guide to Survival and Growth
Denise Cullington

Breaking Up Blues is an indispensable, practical self-help book for those going through break-up and divorce.

Leaver or left, breaking up is much more painful than you'd ever expect. There are so many pitfalls that can leave you stuck in bitterness and rage, emotional emptiness, or in endless depression. Time on its own does not necessarily heal all.

How to mend a broken heart
Christine Webber

This very practical book offers help on all the stages of getting over a relationship, from the first shock to moving forward and loving again.  Christine Webber is a phsychotherapist but the book is slmost totally free of jargon and instead goes through ways you can recognise what was good about the relationship, what wasn't and then how you can learn from it.
She explains clearly that we all need to take responsibility for our feelings and the part we played in the relationship's end, but she also gives loads of tips on looking after yourself and reminds that all the feelings we have in the aftermath are normal and take time to get over.

Families and How to Survive Them
John Cleese & Robin Skynner

This book, using modern experiences of family therapy, shows how understanding relationships in families can be made. John Cleese needs no introduction. Robin Skynner was a child psychiatrist and family therapist

It's Called a Breakup, Not a Breakdown
Lisa Steadman

Every woman has experienced her Big Breakup, the one that shakes her core and makers her feel she doesn't want to fall in love ever again. This book gently caters for those who have suffered from The Big One. While there are many casual breakup guides on the market, as well as those that offer breakup revenge tactics, none illustrate just how fabulous moving on can be. Lisa Steadman tells readers that a breakup is not about being "broken". Rather, she reminds women that a breakup is about celebrating who they are and figuring out how to pick themselves up after the fall and move on. It's about a breakup, not a breakdown!

New Life After Divorce
Waterbrook Press

This is a book that promises hope beyond the pain after divorce or seperation.

I'm Divorced, I'm Ok
Lathicia Klackers

A practical guide to healing and restoration after a broken marrage .

Three out of five marriages end in divorce. Of the two remaining, one continues in frustration. Just statistics, but behind these anonymous figures there are people struggling with pain, anxiety, fear and unfulfilled dreams. Many will be able to identify with the emotional trauma associated with separation/divorce. This book together with the many case studies, offers practical guidelines towards restoration and wholeness.

Moving Forward After Divorce
David Frisbie, Lisa Frisbie

This book offers practical steps to healing your hurts, finding fresh perspective, managing your new life.

Divorce is a time of loss—it also becomes a time of change with the possibility that each partner might move forward toward personal restoration and wholeness. But how? David and Lisa Frisbie, authors of Happily Remarried, share godly wisdom, sound advice, and encouragement to help readers

Should I Stay Or Go
Lee Raffel

Until now, couples facing the dilemma of deciding whether or not to stay in an unhappy marriage had three options: individual or couples therapy, separation, or divorce. "Should I Stay or Go?" provides these couples with a fourth option - the Controlled Separation (CS). "Should I Stay or Go?" explains CS and shows how it can be used as a tool to help couples make the best decision for both partners.


13 results - showing 1 - 10
1 2