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Ancillary Relief

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Appeal before the Supreme Court concerning the question of whether the Court of Appeal erred in finding that pre-nuptial contracts ought to be given decisive weight, where entered into freely by both parties, in an assessment under section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973; and also whether the Court of Appeal decision amounted to impermissible judicial legislation, in contravention of the decision of the Privy Council in MacLeod v MacLeod (Isle of Man) [2008] UKPC 64. Held (Lady Hale dissenting) that the Court of Appeal was correct to conclude that there were no factors which rendered it unfair to hold the husband to the agreement.

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Ancillary Relief


This is an application by Mrs K (to whom I shall refer as the "Wife") for full ancillary relief arising upon the breakdown of her marriage to Mr K (to whom I shall refer as the "Husband"). The marriage took place on the 10th December 1969 and lasted, therefore, in excess of 30 years.

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A husband's application for permission to appeal out of time against orders in relation to ancillary relief proceedings was refused. Court: Court Of Appeal (Civil Division) (England and Wales)


Maintenance pending suit could be awarded where the jurisdiction of the court was in issue and were the case related to substantial sums of money. The maintenance pending suit could at the court’s discretion include an element for the petitioners’ legal advisors to pay the costs of the proceedings. Court: Court Of Appeal (Civil Division) (England and Wales)


Court Of Appeal upheld Singer J’s judgment on 5 April 2005 - see [2005] EWHC 528 (Fam) in which he made an award of £4.5 million in a short childless marriage where the parties were still young and the husband’s wealth was over £30 million pounds.

Court: Court Of Appeal (Civil Division) (England and Wales)


The court allowed an appeal against a CSA liability order holding that a consent order stating that maintenance payments would be reduced by the amount of any CSA assessment and which provided for larger initial payments was intended to address arrears which had built up. Court: High Court (Administrative Court) (England and Wales)


The CA dismissed a husband’s appeal against the annulment of a bankruptcy order and a consequent ancillary relief order of £1,000,000 in the wife’s favour. The CA considered the law in relation to annulment of bankruptcy orders and the position where a Judge having given judgment is persuaded to reverse this. Court: Court Of Appeal (Civil Division) (England and Wales)


n the ‘credit crunch’ appeal Mr Myerson was granted leave to appeal but his appeal was refused. The CA held that the devaluation of the shares which had made up his portion on the equity in an agreed consent order did not constitute a Barder event and that in any event he had already invoked that statutory power of variation on which a hearing will take place later this year.

Court: Court Of Appeal (Civil Division) (England and Wales)


Appeal by the Wife against orders in ancillary relief proceedings.  Appeal allowed.

24 results - showing 1 - 10
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