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Dividing the Assets

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An article explaining Arbitration, written by Jonathan James, Lead Arbitrator at National Family Arbitration Service.

There is no form for a chronology, below is a suggested template:

Financial Arrangements in Divorce – Scotland

An explanation of how matrimonial assets are shared (Scotland)

Form E changed April 2011, this should help with the new version.

What can i expect to leave with after a short marriage. If a divorce petition is filed in a short, childless marriage (normally less than 5 years ...

A very informative guide written by Little Mr Mike

So, your relationship is in difficulties.  You are concerned that things are heading for a breakdown.    Are there any steps you can take now that could avoid difficulties at a later stage ?

The purpose of this article is to try and outline some practical steps you can take to protect your position. Some of them may need the help of a solicitor, others may not.  In addition this article seeks to highlight things that you will have to do sooner or later and you might as well do them sooner. In addition the article will seek to outline your key legal rights, so you do not compromise your position unnecessarily.

The section of family law which determines how assets in a marriage should be dealt with on divorce.

Working out your outgoings

This is a template for you to fill in so that you can work out your outgoings sufficiently.

(Financial) Proper Provision - Republic of Ireland

When a couple decide to separate or divorce one of the primary difficulties often relates to how they divide their assets and financial responsibilities going forward.

Ancillary Relief

This article contains a summary of the Ancillary Relief process including the key stages such as the First Appointment, the Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing and the Final Hearing.

11 results - showing 1 - 10
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