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DIY Divorce Resources

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A-Z of Divorce Terminology

Your A to Z guide of all that wonderful divorce terminology, from Ancillary Relief to Without Prejudice.

A guide written by Wikivorce member LittleMrMike

What should I write in my statement when I am applying for a Non-Molestation Order?

Finding & Using a McKenzie Friend

Advice on how to select a McKenzie Friend and what to do with him or her once you have found one.

Preparing for a Day in Court

Our top tips on getting ready for a day in court.

Tips on Attending Court and  how to conduct yourself in the Courtroom

The Bar Council have produced a short guide for litigants in person.  It gives some good advice on preparation and attending court, but none on specific legal issues, and you will need a great deal more advice than this to represent yourself.  A good place to start, perhaps.

A Litigant-in-Person (LIP) is a party to a case who appears at a hearing without representation by a lawyer.  This may be because they can no longer afford such representation, because they have been refused Legal Aid, or because they believe that such representation will not be in their best interests.

A short DIY guide to completing a divorce when your spouse will not sign any forms or you don`t know where they live.

Sample Questionnaire

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