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DIY Divorce Resources

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Guide to Cross Examination at Court Hearings for Self Reppers

This is a brief guide on how a litigant in person should approach skeleton arguments and cross examination at an Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing or Final Hearing in Ancillary Relief.

Scottish Courts Official Website

This site provides a single access point for information relating to civil and criminal courts within Scotland, including the Court of Session, the High Court of Justiciary, the Sheriff Courts, Justice of the Peace Courts, District Courts and a number of other courts, commissions and tribunals.

Details of recent significant judgments are posted on a daily basis; as are details of cases due to call in the Court of Session and the Sheriff Courts. The information provided on the site includes court rules, contact numbers, advice and location details. The site is managed by the Scottish Court Service which is an Agency of the Scottish Government.

Top Ten things I wish I had known at the start of my divorce

Many of us are in a state of shock when we start the divorce process. You don't really take it all in at first. Its not until much later that you can look back and start to put it all in perspective, and draw out some key learnings.

International Family Law

Married couples who are based internationally may well have a choice as to jurisdiction should they decide to divorce, i.e. a sufficient link exists with several countries and divorce proceedings could be instigated in any one of those. Different countries obviously have different divorce, ancillary relief and children law. The same set of facts may produce very different outcomes depending upon which country’s law is applied to those facts. Choosing the best jurisdiction or “forum” for a particular case is a very important decision.

A-Z of Divorce Terminology

Your A to Z guide of all that wonderful divorce terminology, from Ancillary Relief to Without Prejudice.

Children Act 1989

The Children Act 1989 including amendments brought about by the Children and Adoption Act 2006 to give the courts more flexible powers to facilitate child contact and enforce contact orders. The new powers are due to come into force as of 8 December 2008.

Court fees How much are they?

How much does the court charge, a full list of court fee's 2008

List of family law related Divorce forms and numbers

A full list of forms you may need for Divorce

How to complete Form E

An easy to use, step by step guide to completing Form E

Practice Directions -  court bundles

Practice Direction 27a – Family Proceedings: Court Bundles (Universal Practice To Be Applied In The High Court And Family Court)

50 results - showing 31 - 40
1 2 3 4 5