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Law and procedure

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Family Justice Bulletin - Issue 1

The Family Justice Bulletin: a round-up of the latest family justice reform news. This includes a foreword from ministers Lord McNally and Edward Timpson.

The rules and procedure relating court conference calls. (Updated 22/04/2014)

This practice note offers guidance on the issues that you should take into account in your dealings with LiPs, including managing any conflict between your duties to the court and duties to your client, and other areas of sensitivity.

Although aimed at solicitors who are dealing with LiPs, this is useful and informative for those who are self-repping.

The effect of the Jewish "get" by the introduction of the 2002 religious marriages act, the act was adopted in to mca s10 in 2003.

If you're asked to submit an S25 statement for a final hearing, this template may help you.

If you don`t have a solicitor can you claim for costs?

You do the usual court header, with Skeleton Argument of the Applicant (or Respondent depending which you are)

And then you do subheadings which are:

Background -

this only has to be a paragraph or two, and should be the ages of the parties,the ages of the children, the length of the marriage etc.

Applicable Law -

this is Section 25 Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (as amended) and a list of any case law you are using;

The Argument -

This is the main body, and which is where you set out what you think should happen and why. In mine, I quite often insert section 25 MCA and give a paragraph on each subsection as to how that has an effect. You can download the section 25 criteria here:


Summary -

This is where you summarise your case, and the final paragrah should be along the lines of:

Accordingly the Applicant (or Respondent, if that is you) seeks the following order:

And then set out the order, in money terms, that you seek, i.e.

A lump sum of £50,000 to the Applicant;

Transfer of the matrimonial home to the Applicant;

A 50% pension sharing order of the XYZ pension numbered 123;

Transfer of the ABC policy numbered 124 to the Respondent

etc etc.

An Act to make provision for protecting persons from harassment and
similar conduct.

How to complete form A

MacLeod v MacLeod: Pre-nups, Post-nups and s35 of the MCA

Tim Scott reviews the use of nuptial agreements following the Privy Council's recent judgment in MacLeod v MacLeod

45 results - showing 11 - 20
1 2 3 4 5