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Example of a Concise Statement of Issues

Model Case Summary

Model Case Summary for the Final Hearing bundle in Ancillary Relief cases

Cohabitation  – What you need to know.

Written by Helen Victoria Bishop

Statement on the Efficient Conduct of Financial Remedy Hearings Allocated to a High Court Judge


Mr Justice Mostyn

Your Position Statement is where you set out your case to the court. You must not put what YOU want but what is in your child‘s best interest. Remember that the Children Act 1989 gives no rights to parents, so do not refer to your rights, however much you think they are being ignored. The purpose of the Statement is to give the judge an understanding of the dispute and an indication of what you would like the court to do in order to resolve it.

A Legal Services Order can secure funding for one party's legal representation in Ancillary Relief proceedings where, unless the funding is made available to the applicant, that applicant would not be able to secure legal assistance for the proceedings or part of them.

This is a question which is asked time and time again on Wikivorce.

A very informative guide written by LittleMrMike

This very informative article was written by LittleMrMike.

This article was revised in May 2016 and the law is as stated on that date. It applies solely to England and Wales.

Whether you can take your child abroad on holiday is one of the most common questions separated parents ask.

66 results - showing 1 - 10
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