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As of the 6th April 2011 a mediation assessment meeting is needed for most before an application for a financial order can be made.

You've decided to seek a divorce. Your nerves are frayed; the in-laws are asked pointed questions; the children are beginning to act up in all-too-transparent ways; and your pleasantness is in the midst of an earthshaking landslide. What can you do? Clearly, you can hire legal advice. But who? Here's a checklist of reasons why working with a trained mediator can often help.

Mediation is an approach to settling disputes and reaching an agreement on issues such as finances or child care. It requires the co-operation of the two parties, no-one can be forced to attend mediation. The process typically involves the couple attending a series of face to face meetings in the presence of a mediator, who facilitates the discussion. Mediators can be, but are not always, legally trained.

3 results - showing 1 - 3