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This section contains a range of information resources on how pensions and divorce. This includes guides to valuing pensions and also options for sharing pensions by methods such as offsetting or attachment.
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Examples of how much a CETV can undervalue a pension
This short document provides examples of how much a CETV can undervalue a pension based on the pension type, e.g. NHS or armed forces etc.
Pensions in Ancillary Relief
A very useful article on pensions in divorce written by Tom Tyler from the four brick court website.
The new basis for calculating CETVs (April 2008)

After an extensive consultation process, the calculation basis for Cash Equivalent Transfer
Values (CETVs) for final-salary pension schemes is changing. The new basis is due to come
into effect in April 2008, but this does not mean that thereafter CETVs will always produce a
fair value for dealing with pensions in a divorce or dissolution.

Why the CETV is sometimes an inappropriate valuation method
The CETV (cash equivalent transfer value) is the most widely used valuation method for pensions. But there are some circumstances when the CETV is not the most appropriate method and where it may significantly undervalue a pension.
A Guide To Pensions In Divorce

This guide to pensions in divorce is provided by BDM.

The Pension Service
0845 60 60 265
This Government website provides information about pensions and pensioner benefits, for those planning for the future, about to retire or already retired.
State Pension Calculator
0845 300 0168
A State Pension forecast gives you in today's money values: an estimate of basic and additional State Pension you may get based on your National Insurance contributions so far, and an estimate of basic and additional State Pension you may get when you claim your State Pension.
Private Pension Calculator

This calculator provides a ballpark figure of what someone's private pension may be worth based on their current salary and the number of years that they have been employed.

Sharing Pensions
Sharing Pensions is a website focused on annuity rates, annuity quotes, pensions and retirement planning including long term care annuities.
Pension Options in Divorce
This article provides an introduction to the three main ways of dealing with pensions in the event of divorce - namely: Offsetting, Pensions Sharing and Attachment.
23 results - showing 11 - 20
1 2 3