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Site Help

This section provides guides, hints and tips to help you get the most from the Wikivorce website. Learn how to post a question in the forum, write your own blog, use the chat rooms, or send private messages.
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First visit to chat

Visiting the wiki chatrooms is a great way to get to know new people, find instant answers to some of your questions and get support when you need it from people who have been through the same and understand what your going through. This article is a brief introduction to chat.

Common Abbreviations used in chat

If you are having trouble undrerstanding what some people are saying in chat or not able to type fast enough then this is a list of common abbreviations used in chat.

Useful Contact Numbers

This section is packed with useful contact numbers and websites regarding many organizations that are here to help the general public. The more information out there, the easier our lives become!

If you are having trouble changing your username or password this section gives a step by step guide to help you along.

If you are struggling to send a message to another user, then this step by step guide will tell you how.

How do I add someone to my 'Friend List'?

If you are new to the site and not quite sure how to add a friend, this section will give you a step by step guide how to add somebody to your friend list.

How do I search the whole site?

Looking or something but can't find it in one of the toolbars? Well, you can search the whole of the site and this section tells you how.

How do I write a comment?

You can easily leave comments in many different areas of this site. This section tells you where and how you can leave your opinions.

So now you can voice your opinions and leave feedback to our bloggers!

It's super easy - test it right now - click "Add comment" just below here.

Divorce is a life changing experience - do you have a story to tell ? Let the world know what you think in your own Wikivorce blog ? It's easy to do - and a problem shared is a problem halved!

How do I add an image to my profile?

Have you ever put the mouse over the name of another wikivorce user?

Have you noticed that some users have a cool graphic character?

It's easy to put an image on your profile, give it a try!

30 results - showing 21 - 30
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