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The New You

Divorce is a life changing event. After the shock, anger and hurt are over - its time to rediscover yourself, and create the New You. This section has tips on diet, health, fitness, dating, job hunting and new hobbies/activities.
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Getting  A Good Night’s Sleep

One member's account of dealing with depression

Dating in the Dark by @suzymiller

After a long term relationship or marriage break up going back into dating can be like floundering around in the dark.  Suzy Miller - creator of the UK's first divorce fair, the Starting Over Show - talks about her own experiences.


Plus is a nationwide social and activities organisation for young adults aged 18 - 35. Quest is a part of Plus for the 36+. It offers its members the chance to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy a wide range of weekday and weekend activities on a local, Area and National basis.

The Fit Map

thefitmap is a unisex website giving mixed and gender specific advice. On the site there is a mixture of gym based workouts and workouts you can do at home, including quick and easy exercises to do if you're short on time. There is also a BMI calculator so you can figure out whether you are healthy, underweight or over weight and then plenty of advice on how to change your BMI. There is also a body shape calculator so that you can work out whether your waist to hip ration is healthy. All in all a very useful site.

Fitness Venues

fitnessvenues has masses of free information on how to exercise successfully including exercise videos showing you exactly what to do. The website also includes sports specific exercis helping you train the right muscles for your sport as well as a general exercise regime for those of you that just want to stay in shape. Aswell as giving you information the site has an online forum where you can talk to like minded people about exercising or any other parts of life.

NHS Choices

The NHS have set up a website to help with everything to do with fitness and exercise with all of he advice being given by doctors and specialists it really is trustworthy advice. The website has many useful sections including a section about how to exercise beneficially without going to the gym.

Net Fit

netfit.co.uk is a website dedicated to helping you with all aspects of exercise and health. There is information on many different forms of training and ways of testing your fitness levels. The site is aimed at both men and women and is very user friendly. There is also a section where you are able to take a quiz to see how much you really understand about your body and what is good for you.

Food A Fact for Life

foodafactforlife.org.uk is a website aimed at children aged between 3 and 16 years. The website is completely child friendly so if you are struggling with your younger ones eating habits this is a fun website for them or even you to look at. There is even a section on the site aimed at helping parents with children that are fussy eaters. There are games and exciting fun recipes for them to play and try and make food more exciting for them.

Weight Loss Resources

weightlossresources.co.uk is primarily a website for people who are dieting. There is plenty of free information about what to eat and when to eat.

There is also free access to recipes for healthy meals. You are able to have a 24 hour free trial to the site and then there is a fee for further subscription which would gain you access to the "Goals and Results" section, in which you can record your progress and receive help. The subscription would also gain you access to the online forum where you would be able to chat to like minded people who are also trying to lose weight which may give you the support you need.

34 results - showing 1 - 10
1 2 3 4