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In this video by Co-op legal services, Head of family law Tracey Moloney discusses and explains finances in a divorce such things as Decree Absolute, A Financial Order and how children impact finances and divorce. This video should help you understand how finances work in a divorce and how to come to an agreement.


In this video by Stephensons Solicitors LLP, Head of Family Law Victoria Gethin discusses attending family court in the UK, including things such as how to prepare your case,  the different types of hearing the court handle and general guidance on court etiquette. This video should help you feel more prepared and relaxed about your court case. This video is useful for people who have never been to a court hearing before but is also useful for people who have as a quick refresher.


In this video by Howells Solicitors Cardiff, Family lawyer Karis Wookey discusses what happens to the children during divorce and separation and other things such as typical arrangements for children when a married couple separate, what happens when the mother and father cannot agree on child arrangements during a separation, who pays for mediation, parental Responsibility Agreements and what happens if domestic violence was present during the relationship. This video goes in to depth about many matters regarding children during a divorce.


In this short video by Slater and Gordon Lawyers (UK), Family law solicitor Cara Nuttall discusses and explains myths about child custody and explains parental responsibility and residence and contact arrangements.


In this video by Slater and Gordon Lawyers (UK), Family lawyer Roz Lidder discusses how a court will decide a child contact arrangement and the various factors the courts take in to consideration. 


In this short video by Dr Bernard Andonian, He discusses child custody as a component in family law. This video will help you understand child custody and child arrangement orders.


In this video by Real Families, Two parents discuss how they have dealt with divorce and separation and how it impacted their children and parenting. This video discusses things such as co parenting, how the children impacted the derision to get divorced, how to talk to children about divorce, new partners, how home life for children changes and other helpful tips and advice. You should learn some tips on how to be a parent and be a role model during a divorce.


In this video by Interrelate YouTube, It features 4 children explain how divorce has impacted them including things like arguing and finances. This video shows a situation a child might face in a divorce such as being upset in school and feeling like the divorce if their fault and shows a positive outcome and how to achieve it. This video should help you understand how your actions and words have an impact on your children and can make the divorce process more stressful on them.


In this video by Live On Purpose TV, Dr. Paul Jenkins discusses how to help your child cope with your divorce and how to minimize the impact. This video includes lots of helpful advice and tips such as how to minimize conflict, how to talk about the children about divorce and some dos and donts of helping your child through your divorce. This video goes in to depth about how to talk to your children about divorce and should help you understand how your actions can impact your child.


In this video by St. Louis Children's Hospital, Dr. Dehra Harris discusses how to manage the impact of divorce on children including how to seek professional help, how to minimize the impact of the divorce, how to send a positive message to your children, how to be honest to your children and some other helpful advice. This Video should give you some tips on how to discuss the divorce with your children and how to help your children deal with their emotions. 

33 results - showing 1 - 10
1 2 3 4

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