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In this video by Incredible Life,Laura and Rob discuss the best ways to talk to your children about divorce including how and when to tell them, how divorce can affect children, how to work with your partner to make the divorce easier on the kids, how co - parent better and lots of other useful tips. This video may help you understand the best way to talk to your children about divorce and separation and how to keep the divorce as stress free as possible for your children.

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In this short video written by Monica Epperson, a young child talks about his feelings during his parents divorce and how it affects him. This video might help you understand how your child may be feeling during your divorce and how to help them work through their emotions.


Experienced family and divorce lawyer, Rodger Bamber, discusses court costs, why you might need/want to go to court during a divorce and answers other questions about going to court during a divorce.


Family law specialist Roger Bamber explains what collaborative law is, how to get started and who collaborative law is right for. He also answers frequently asked questions about collaborative law.


Family barrister and mediator Lucy Reed explains how to prepare for your first hearing. This video includes useful information such as what to bring with you, how to behave, what to wear, what to expect from a first hearing and lots of other helpful advice.


Family Barrister and mediator Lucy Reed explains what to expect at a first hearing, what the court room looks like, who will be in the court room with you, how to address the judges and lots of other helpful information so you know what to expect from a first hearing.


Family barrister and mediator Lucy Reed explains how to give and challenge evidence in court. This video explains how to present your evidence to the judge, how to process works, what kind of questions to ask, how to behave and act during to hearing and lots of other useful tips and advice to prepare yourself to give evidence in court.


In this video by AdviceNow, They explain how to represent yourself in a family court including what to wear, how to behave, how to control your emotions and includes section showing you what and what not to do while in the hearing. This video will help you understand how to represent yourself the best way possible.


Family and divorce lawyer Caitlin Jenkins explains how to get a divorce in England and Wales including what the grounds for divorce are, how long the divorce process can take, if you can get divorced without an agreement including other frequently asked questions when getting a divorce.


In this video Ministry Of Justice UK gives you 5 reasons why you should consider going to mediation. This video explains who mediation is suitable and not suitable for and explains why mediation is easier than court.

33 results - showing 11 - 20
1 2 3 4