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A to Z of Family Law

A to Z of Family Law
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A reference book for litigants and students
Nick & Ruth Langford (Wikivorce members)
September 2018
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The Family Law A to Z is an essential reference guide for anyone starting out in family law, especially those representing themselves, for their advisors and McKenzie Friends and for students of law at all levels. Whether you are divorcing or separating, seeking guidance on children’s applications or financial matters, the Family Law A to Z will be invaluable to you. It features detailed and authoritative explanations of more than 500 key terms from both the English/Welsh and the Scots jurisdictions used in today's legal practice. Individually the entries provide the reader with an indispensable glossary, or together they form a comprehensive guide to family litigation.

Reviewers have said:

5 Stars - Initially when I thumbed through this book, I thought it was merely a glossary that wouldn't be much use - i.e. if you understand the term you need to reference, you know it well enough to not need the book. However once I started reading, I found that there is a deliberate focus on what is required if you are involved in family proceedings in the English courts, terminology, history, process and case law, and that despite being structured as an A-Z (hence the name), it is a compelling read from cover to cover regardless. It's not written by the legal 'establishment' and thus there are honest appraisals of areas where the family courts are far from perfect

5 stars - Excellent! A must-have for any law student, adviser, paralegal but especially anyone who is representing themselves through the turmoil of the divorce process or the family court, either for child issues or ancillary relief. This has proved to be invaluable for me as a community adviser. And for less than £15, it's a steal.

5 stars - An absolutely fantastic reference book representing great value for money.

5 stars - So helpful.


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A must have for any LIP or law student.
For the cost of a few glossy magazines you get a comprehensive plain English explanation of hundreds of legal terms covering all family law and more, easy to use and read, includes examples, case and statue law references, a good article on how to build a bundle for court hearings, it even includes explanations of seldom seen issues such as Barder events Edgar agreements, the book will save hours of Internet searching, the cheapest and best value Legal text book I have ever bought.
An invaluable text book
A must have for any LIP or law student, easy to read and understand and covers just about every legal term with plain English definitions, case law and examples included, probably the best explanation of a Barder event I have read, a nice article on how to build a court bundle, 440 pages for the price of a cheap novel, the cheapest law book I have ever purchased and the best value for money.

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