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A Better Way of Dealing with Divorce

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A guide for parents who want to keep out of court, and save their money and sanity
Diana Jordan
Matador (11 July 2017)

 An important new guide to a different way of divorcing. Packed with helpful tips and real-life case studies. The traditional way of divorcing is both divisive and expensive, and the conflict generated by it is damaging to children. This book is for parents who want to avoid these aspects of a divorce; it shows them how to have an amicable divorce and protect their children from the worst of the harm that separation can cause. It offers guidance for parents wanting to explain what's happening to their children, as well as how to communicate and co-parent better with their ex-partner. An overview of how the whole divorce process works is set out in an easy-to-understand format and language.

A break-up can be overwhelming so there is guidance on planning a divorce, and where to start. The book empowers people to take control of their own futures rather than being swept along by our adversarial legal system which often leads couples to bitter and costly court battles that they neither wanted nor needed. For those wanting to save thousands of pounds in legal fees, the parts of their divorce which are easy to do themselves are set out together with clarification on when they really do need a lawyer. The book is also a guide to the emotional journey, and it dispels some common myths about separation and divorce. Although the emphasis is on amicable divorces, the book does include a chapter on how to tackle less friendly scenarios such as narcissistic personality disorder, coercive control, parental alienation and breaching contact orders. Suggestions are offered for the different approach required in such circumstances.

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