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Employment Rights and Opportunities

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Employment Rights and Opportunities

This is a guide to give parents who live apart impartial advice about employment oppurtunities and your rights.

This leaftlet is for you if you are the parent of a child and you are separated from the other parent. It will help you if:

  • you are responsible for the main day-to-day care of your child, or
  • you are living apart from your child and you are not the main day-to-day carer.

Guardians, relatives and anyone concerned about a chil or a family living apart may also find the leaflet useful.

How the leaflet can help you:

The leaflet tells you about:

  • the options available for arranging child maintenance
  • how to set up a child maintenance arrangement
  • how you might negotiate with the other parent
  • how to calculate child maintenance and what you might pay or receive
  • practical steps forward and useful organisations that can help you.

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