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Chronology Template (For Ancillary Relief matters)

There is no form for a chronology, it is written on a blank page.

Below is a suggested template:

In the XXXX court Case No. XXXXXXXX

Between [Full Name] Petitioner
[Full Name] Respondent

Prepared by the Petitioner (or Respondent)

The date of birth of the parties and children

The date that cohabitation started

The date of marriage

The date of separation

The date of the Divorce Application (petition)

The date that you (or your ex) applied for a Financial Remedy (Form A)

The date of the Decree Nisi

The date of the Forms E

The date of the First Directions Appointment

Add other dates for hearings/other relevant dates if they happen.

In financial proceedings a chronology is a simple document to give the judge a brief outline of some of the detail he needs.

The best thing is to keep it simple with bullet points identifying all the key events in chronological order. The aim is to provide a summary which focuses on the history and significant events to your case.

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