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Tips on Attending Court and how to conduct yourself in the Courtroom

Tips on Attending Court and  how to conduct yourself in the Courtroom

Make sure you are wearing a suit/smart clothes - no jeans, hoodies, trainers, bling etc and make sure your clothes are ironed and your shoes polished. Hide any tattoos, and remove any visible facial piercings.

Take only what you need with you - you don't want to be stopped at the ­­meta­­l detector and have items items removed when you are searched

Take an umbrella - you don't want to turn up soaking wet due to the unpredictable English weather.

Take a pad of paper and several pens - you may want to take notes.

Courts can be hot and stuffy places, take some bottled water with you. Note that you can not take liquids into the court room with you, jugs of water are provided in the room for you.

Make sure you turn up on time and allow for delays- aim to get there at least 45 mins prior to the allocated time, and take a book or newspaper to read in case you are sitting about in the waiting area for a while.

Make sure you know exactly where you are going, and what bus/tube route to use.

Don't approach your wife/husband/partner in the waiting area/courtroom/outside.

Turn off your mobile phone while you are in Court.

Keep calm - do not loose your cool.

Act with dignity and integrity and address the judge respectfully (address him/her as Your Honour)

Always stand when the judge enters or leaves (the court clerk will probably tell you to do this anyway)

Sit quietly and as relaxed as you can, feet on the floor and hands on the desk in front of you

Don’t show any reaction to whatever someone else says, however untrue or malicious

When you have to speak, address what you have to say to the judge. It shows respect and he is the one deciding whether you are credible or not; you will also not be distracted by the reactions of others in the courtroom. Speak loudly, clearly and slowly.

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