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Model Case Summary

Model Case Summary

Model Case Summary for the Final Hearing bundle in Ancillary Relief cases

In the Family Court at



Applicant’s Full Name



Respondent’s Full Name





  1. This case is listed for final hearing on the wife’s/husband's application for financial relief on divorce.

  1. The wife is xx years of age [dob], the husband, xx years of age [dob].  They married on [date] and separated on [date].  The marriage lasted xx years.

  1. The wife/husband issued a Petition on [date]; a decree nisi was pronounced on [date] but is yet to be made absolute.

  1. There are [number] child/ren of the family: [insert details of children – names, ages and dob] . [names of children] lives with the father/mother at XXXXXXX and attends YYYYYY School(s).  The father/mother pays maintenance for [children] and the cost of [extra-curricular activities, ie music, dance, art, sport].  The child maintenance rate is currently in dispute/is agreed at £xx per week/month.  There is a/no child arrangements order in place /but there is an informal agreement in place.

  1. The wife is a [job title] and her employer is [name].  The husband is a [job title] and his employer is [name].  The details of the parties’ incomes are shown on the Schedules of Assets.

  1. The wife/husband lives in [rented accommodation/the family home] [address] and  has been valued by the [name of valuers] at £xx0,000 on [date] [p. xx].  It is free of mortgage/has a mortgage remaining of £x.  The property is owned by the parties jointly [p.337].

  1. The capital assets are shown on the schedules attached.  The value of the wife’s/husband’s [item/s] is/are in dispute and there is a dispute as to the division of the assets generally and whether the fact that the husband/wife is older/the wife/husband has chronic illness/disability, the wife/husband has not worked for x years due to staying at home raising the children and running the family home and that the wife/husband has sole responsibility for the child/ren of the family are relevant factors

  1. Both parties have pensions/Only the wife/husband has a pension.  There is a dispute as to how they/the sole pension should be divided in particular whether the age difference between the parties is a relevant factor and whether the second state pension should be taken into account.



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