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Save on Doctor's Prescriptions

Save on Doctor's Prescriptions
NHS may be low cost but prescription charges add up.  Use a Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC) to save on regular prescriptions.

Cheaper Prescriptions and Medications

Well probably all of us here need medications at some time.

The cost of a pre­script­ion item is £7.10. This can soon add up but there are ways of reducing the cost.

Firstly, check to see if you have to pay. Children, pregnant women, 60+ years old and people on some tax credits and benefits.  Wales and Scotland may have different rules and chartges, also.  If in doubt ask.

In previous years I had problems with hay fever and the cost soon adds up with nasal sprays and anti-histamine tablets. So I used the Pre­script­ion Prepayment Certificate. For 3 months you pay £27.85 and all pre­script­ions in that month are free. Time it right and get the last one in just before it expires and you get 4 months of medicines for the same amount.

If you are on long term medication then look at the year long season ticket at £102.50. On two medications a month this will save amost £70. On three pre­script­ions a month the saving is almost £155! Very kindly they will even offer you the ability to pay over 10 monthly instalments by Direct Debit.
If you are switched on with picking up your prescriptions and repeats you should be able to pick up 4 prescriptions on a 3 month PPC and 13 on a 12 month PPC. 
The pre-payment method is available on-line (http://www.ppa.org.uk/ppa/ppc_intro.htm) or by calling 0845 850 0030

I hope that you find this tip useful.

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