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Form H Estimate of costs - with Guidance Notes

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April 01, 2011
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Form H Estimate of costs and guidance notes

The Form H is not usually relevant when considering costs orders - it is more a case management tool.

The Form H is relatively straightforward in as much as the profit costs (professional fees of a solicitor), disbursements (court fees, valuation fees and any other fees other than..) and counsels (barrister's) fees are separate. All figures shown should be inclusive of VAT.

The first section of the form is for pre issue. These are the costs that are incurred before one of the parties issues the Form A application.

The second section is costs after issue of the Form A up to and including the FDR hearing (and any 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. FDRs). This section will include the court fee if you are the applicant.

The pre and post issue sections are sub-divided for previous and current solicitors. This is ­base­d on the assumption that your second or subsequent solicitor is completing the form. If you are a litigant in person put the figures in the previous solicitor section.

Whenever you complete a Form H you should put the estimated costs that you will incur in attending the hearing for which the Form H is being prepared. Being litigant in person there will be no further costs unless you are using a barrister or solicitor on an agreed fee.

Finally, there are two columns for publicly funded (on the left) and indemnity (private) costs (on the right). You should complete the column on the right unless you have received public funding at any stage in which case start a thread in the forums for guidance as you will need a mix of the two.

User reviews

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Excellent guidance notes thank you
Excellent guidance notes thank you
all i needed to know, including telling me i had put everything in the wrong column. the place stinks of tipex now
This is very useful, Thanks a lot
It has certainly helped to clear the doubts,, Thanks a lot, Namratha.
very easy to follow in plain talk thank you
Very useful and helpful compared to other articles
Very useful and helpful compared to other articles. Thank you.
Very Good
I mean if I don't have a solicitor because I cannot afford it. What should I do with the form H? By the way I am the applicant to form A
You guidance to form H was really excellent!
Excellent - thanks :)

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