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Form D80E - Affidavit By Petitioner - 5yr separation no consent

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April 01, 2014
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This court form is to submit Affidavit (sworn statement) by petitioner for cases based on grounds of 5 years separation no consent.

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after looking at this document i think there is a page missing, on page 2 it says please turn the page at the bottom, then at the top of page 3 it asks for us to sign if we agree to the signature that is in part 10,(which is on the reverse side of page 2), if you would like to send me a proper copy of this with all the parts to fill in i would be grateful....contact me and i will forward you my email address, regards

Julia - the form isn't missing a page. The section on page 3 you are querying states "I identify the signature appearing in paragraph 10(a) of the acknowledgement of service" - this refers to the D10 (acknowledgement of service) that the respondent completes and returns to the Family Court. I hope this helps and clarifies matters for you. Ruth Langford - Community Manager