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First visit to chat

First visit to chat

Visiting the wiki chatrooms is a great way to get to know new people, find instant answers to some of your questions and get support when you need it from people who have been through the same and understand what your going through. This article is a brief introduction to chat.

For many of the people in wiki chat it is their first experience of a chatroom and like anything new the first visit can be daunting. You have nothing to worry about no-one minds new people coming in and just watching.

Don’t be put off by the friendly banter, all are ready to listen and help if you have questions or need support, just butt in and say whats on your mind. Some things to help make your first visit easier, maximise the chat window, this way you will see more lines of chat and will be able to scan back to pick up what has already been said. Have a look at this list of common abbreviations. Don’t wait for your turn to speak, there are no turns everyone chips in as they want.

At the top of this article a screenshot of the chat window.

The biggest pane is where current chat appears, the pane to the right of that contains a list of rooms and the people in those rooms in this shot everyone is in the support room. Below the largest pane is a smaller pane where you type what you want to say, you can send your message by clicking on the send button or hitting enter. Between the main chat pane and where you type are some controls that can be used to –

  • set your status (Here, Away or Busy)
  • set options (Allows you to set up some personal prefrences on how the chat window appears),
  • Set the colour of your text
  • Save the contents of the main chat window
  • Insert smilies into your message
  • Set your text to Bold
  • Set your text to italics

So don’t be shy, visit chat and get to know some new people I may even make you a cuppa whilst your there.

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useful to know
This artical is good if you are feeling nervous about going into a chat room, it gives reassurance & lets you know it's fine to drop in for a looksee.