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Guide to using the Wikivorce forums


This guide will talk you through how to navigate and use the Wikivorce forums.

The forum is a place to get advice and support from people who have been/are going through divorce themselves. Many of our users find this free forum to be a great help.


How To Find The Forum

You can navigate to the forum from the Main Menu or from the home page.


Forum Categories

There are many different categories to browse covering a wide range of topics:

  • Discuss Anything (General divorce discussion area. If you are new to Wikivorce why not start by posting in "Introduce Yourself".)
  • Children (Discuss approaches for communicating with your children and ways to maintain the normality in their lives.)
  • Financial (Discuss financial aspects of divorce including ancillary relief, spousal maintenance, child support, property transfer and pension sharing.)
  • Legal Services (Discussion on using legal services. Please do not name any specific firm in this forum - keep your questions general/anonymous.)
  • Court (Discuss divorce and the family law courts. Do we have to go to court? How much does it cost? What do I need to prepare for each court hearing?)
  • Cohabitation and Separation (This area of the forum is for unmarried couples who are separating. The legal framework and financial implications for cohabitees are currently very different than for married couples under English law.)
  • Change (An area for members who wish to discuss current issues and develop constructive proposals to drive positive change in family law)
  • Feedback (We welcome your feedback - both positive and negative on the Wikivorce website. We love to receive bug reports and new ideas / suggestions.)
  • Announcements (Area for creating front page announcements)
  • Scottish Forum (This forum is the place to post any questions about divorce, separation, finances or child matters in Scotland. The laws and procedure in Scotland are very different from those in England and Wales.)

Forum Menu

In the Forum Menu there are 10 options: 

  • Forum Index. This shows you all the different categories that you can browse or post in.
  • Search Forum. Here you can search over 1/2 million posts by a keyword.
  • View Latest Posts. This shows you the most recent posts in order.
  • Unanswered Posts. A list of the posts that are unanswered, please reply to these posts if you can help.
  • View Unread Posts. Lists the most recent posts that you have not read.
  • Start New Post. To start a new discussion topic or ask a question.
  • View My Posts. Shows a list of the posts and replys that you have submitted.
  • View My Profile. See your User Profile and Forum Settings.
  • Edit My Profile. To change your User Details or Forum Settings.
  • Private Messages. To read or send private messages to other users.

Search The Forum

To search the forum, simply type in the keywords you are looking for (EG child arrangements, court hearing, mediation, pensions etc) choose whether you want to search entire posts or just the title of a post, choose how far you want to search back using the ‘find posts from’ drop box, how you want to sort the results (sort from number of views a post has, the date it was posted, the category).

You can also search post from a specific date (simply just type the date you are searching for into the search at a specific date box). You can search all categories or just a specific one chose the one that is most fitting for what you are searching for as well as being able to jump to a result number.

How To Start A New Post

To be able to post questions and reply to posts you will need to sign up to Wikivorce (its free to register).

To make your own post in the forum click the "Start New Post" option in the Forum Menu.

Or you can choose a category from the Forum Categories menu and then use the "New Topic" button.

You will be taken to a page with an editor when you can type in your question or comment.

  • Select an appropriate category for your post
  • Enter the title of your post in the Subject box
  • Enter your main text in the large editor box.
  • (Optionally use the Attachments button to add a document)
  • Tick (or untick) the Subscribe checkbox to receive email notifications.
  • Press the Submit button to save (or cancel to quit).

You post will now be published on the site and  other people will be able to reply with support and answers.
If you ticked the Subscribe box you will receive an email if someone replies to you.


How To View All Of Your Posts

Go to the forum page and make sure you are logged in.

Click the ‘View My Posts’ option in the forum menu.


How To Edit or Delete Your Posts

Click the ‘Action’ button on the bottom of your post. You will now be able to choose to edit or delete your post.

 edit post

You can only delete posts which have not yet been replied to. Otherwise you would be deleting other peoples replies as well. If you wish to remove content from a post that has been replied to you can edit it and delete the content.


How To Reply To A Post

To reply to a post, all you need to do is look below the post and either click ‘Quick Reply’ or click the ‘Action’ button and choose 'Reply'.

If you select 'Quote' this allows you to reply, but also pastes a copy of the text you are responding to at the top of your reply.


Forum Rules

For the benefit of all of the members of our community, we have a set of rules that you must follow when posting on the forum.

  • Use of the forums are for registered members only, and members must adhere to our supportive ethos at all time when using our forum boards.
  • Use of inappropriate language, and/or behaviour that may be considered racist, sexist, prejudice, pornographic, threatening, aggressive, antagonistic etc will not be tolerated and anyone involved in such language/behaviour will see action taken as deemed appropriate by the moderating team/community manager.
  • Images may be uploaded to forum posts, providing they are are not of a child under the age of 18 or inappropriate (ie pornographic; depicting violence, prejudice, or other scenarios which are not conducive to the ethos of Wikivorce). Such images will be removed immediately, and the member responsible may face action as deemed appropriate by the moderating team/Community Manager.
  • Anyone found “spamming” on the forum will face an immediate exclusion.
  • Wikivorce reserve the right to edit, lock or remove posts that fall out with our ethos, or Terms and Conditions without prior notice or warning and will not enter any discussions regarding this.

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