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How do I write a comment?

How do I write a comment?

You can easily leave comments in many different areas of this site. This section tells you where and how you can leave your opinions.

So now you can voice your opinions and leave feedback to our bloggers!

It's super easy - test it right now - click "Add comment" just below here.

Registered users can leave comments in various places:

- news items
- divorce stories
- blogs
- articles and features
- you can even comment on this Hot Tip!

How to leave a comment in 3 easy steps!!

1) Look at the bottom of this page, you should see a comment box (if not you need to register or log-in).

2) Type in your comment.

3) Click 'Add comment', after a couple of secs you should see the comment appear.

As you surf the site - look out for the 'Add Comment' tags that let you know you can leave a comment!

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Thank you
Hi everyone
Am getting trying to get used o this website but just wanted to say thank you for your responses, I only registred yesterday! It really made me feel better.
Regards from Mydogs