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Wikivorce Policy - Policy relating to Children (inc the information of, and images of)

Wikivorce Policy - Policy relating to Children (inc the information of, and images of)

Policies Relating to Children

Photographs/other images:

Wikivorce does not permit the use of photographs or other images of children under the age of 18. This includes photographs/images uploaded to the Photographs section, on profile pages, as content in forum posts/blog/library etc or as members profile pictures. Any member who has used/uploaded an image/photograph of a child under the age of 18 is subject to Wikivorce removing that photograph/image without prior notice.

Posting about children.

Under section …..97 of the Children Act 1989, you must not make public details which could lead to the identification of a child involved in family proceedings.

(2) No person shall publish to the public at large or any section of the public] any material which is intended, or likely, to identify—

(a)any child as being involved in any proceedings before [F3the High Court, a county court or] a magistrates’ court in which any power under this Act [F1or the Adoption and Children Act 2002] may be exercised by the court with respect to that or any other child; or

(b)an address or school as being that of a child involved in any such proceedings.

Such details could include:

Name[s] of child/children (either first or full name)

Age or date of birth of child/children

Home address/location, ie town, area within a town

The name and/or address/ and/or the location of the child’s school

Details of the child’s activities

Specific medical conditions

Which Court is involved

Specific details of siblings or other family members

Wikivorce reserve the right to edit or remove posts/blogs, without prior notice, that contain details that we believe could lead to the identification of a child/children. Any member found to be persistently posting identifying details could face an exclusion from the site.

For example – this paragraph would contravene this policy:

My daughter (Sally), aged 9 yesterday was picked up by her dad from her school in Colchester so she could go to his and have tea with him in Southend. I only knew about this when a friend called me to say Sally hadn’t gone home with her daughter after school as arranged. This isn’t in our contact order. He is only meant to collect at 5pm from her ballet class on a Friday night.

To re-word the paragraph so it still contains the jist, but not the identifying details:

My child was collected by her dad from school on a non-contact night without telling me first – he took to his to have a celebration tea. The contact order states that he is only to collect after her activity has ended on a Friday night.

The reason we have this policy is to prevent potential/possible identification of any child, but particularly those who may be involved in court proceedings.

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