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Guide To Private Messaging


This guide will show you how to send a private message on Wikivorce.You will need to have an account with Wikivorce and be logged in.

First Step

The first step to send a private message is by going to your account by clicking the ‘My Account button at the top of the page


You will be taken to a page called ‘Manage My Profile’ and will need to click the ‘My Messages’ button on the left side of the page.


Second Step

Once you have done this, you will be taken to your private messages page where you can read your messages and send ones as well. You will see your inbox where you can see who has messaged you and be able to click on the message to read it, you can also reply to messages that have been sent to you by clicking on them.


Sending A Private Message

To send a message you need to click the compose button at the top on the page.


You will be taken to a page where you can send a private message, to send a message you first must type the username on the person you want to message in the ‘To’ text box. To find the username of the person you want to message you can find their username on their forum posts under their profile picture. Once you have typed in the username you can now type in your message in the message box below the ‘To’ text box. You can also add attachments at the bottom of the page.


To send your message, scroll down to the bottom of the page and simply click the send button.



To see a message that you have sent you can click the ‘Outbox’ button when you are on the main private messages and re read any messages you have sent. You can also see messages you have deleted in the ‘Trashcan’ but they will be deleted within 48 hours.



In the setting page you can choose whether you set up email notifications for when you get a new private message among other things like see how many users you have blocked and if you get a pop up when you get a new message.


Registered members are able to send each other private messages (PMs) – these allow members to communicate privately with others. The Private Messaging facility is not to be used for the sending of spam messages, or messages that are abusive, pornographic, insulting, of a prejudicial nature, or that doesn’t adhere to the supportive ethos of Wikivorce.

 Reporting Messages

The correct procedure for reporting unwanted PM is to forward the message to either the TeamWiki account, or the Community Manager (currently rubytuesday), and the matter dealt with accordingly.

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