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Resolution’s 5000 members are family lawyers committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Our members follow a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. Our members encourage solutions that consider the needs of the whole family - and in particular the best interests of children.

About us

Resolution, which was formerly known as the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA), is an organisation of 5000 lawyers who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters. Resolution also campaigns for improvements to the family justice system.

Resolution supports the development of family lawyers through its national and regional training programmes, through publications and good practice guides and through its accreditation scheme. Resolution also trains and accredits mediators and is the only body providing training and support for collaborative lawyers in England and Wales.

Encouraging good practice

The cornerstone of membership of Resolution is adherence to the Code of Practice, which sets out the principles of a non-confrontational approach to family law matters. The principles of the code are widely recognised and have been adopted by the Law Society as recommended good practice for all family lawyers.

The code requires lawyers to deal with each other in a civilised way and to encourage their clients to put their differences aside and reach fair agreements.

User reviews

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Resolution is a company
I agree with everything said by ProfessorBee, and to add to his comments.

Beware when scouting the internet for a solicitor, it might appear obvious but bear in mind, only solicitors who are registered with Resolution are bound by its code of practice, for what that's worth.

While many solicitors, in the promotional pages of their websites are quite clear about which member of the practice is a Resolution member. Many legal practices are downright dishonest and use phrases such as 'we are members or Resolution', deliberately giving the impression the entire practice adheres to the code of practice.

Here lies the problem, when you complain to Jacqui Jackson, the director of standards at Resolution, she replies telling you to get stuffed because the solicitor your complaining about isn't a member, even though their website says something like, 'We adhere to the code of practice' .. etc

Resolution likes to give the impression it's a caring, touchy feely organisation, run by the likes of social workers and people of a caring ilk. Let's be clear, Resolution is a business founded, run and funded by the legal profession, it's not a charity or a trust, or a government department. To believe it will encourage solicitors to act in a way that is ultimately detrimental to their income is naive to say the least.

I wonder what Ms Jackson will do if she ever agrees a solicitor is in breach of its code of practice; buy them lunch probably.
Resolution has no teeth! Solicitors who are members of Resolution but who break its code of conduct to maximize their fees get away with their misbehaviour due to the lack of sanctions that resolution can impose. In a way, Resolution is no different from the Federation of Master Builders: it gives the false assurance that you're in safe hands but the cowboys of both trades continue to be members of these trade associations even after being caught doing some pretty unconscionable things.I have first-hand experience with a Resolution-accredited solicitor who acted for my Ex. In the end, even my Ex thought that her sol was unreasonable and was putting road blocks in the way of a fair financial settlement. This same sol is in charge of Resolution's recruitment committee in one of the home counties!! I get the impression that many sols now feel that it does the business no harm to say they're members of Resolution but the bottom line is this: a sol's interest remains in maximizing their income from a particular case, especially if this case involved individuals of 'high net worth'. With the appreciable rise in property value over the last 25 years or so, many couples in their 50s fall into this category even though they're not wealthy in any real sense of the word. So .... be aware of your solicitor's conflict of interest - divorcing you in the shortest/least hassle process is inconsistent with their own interests. This is true irrespective of whether or not they're members of Resolution.

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