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The Law Society

The Law Society

The Law Society represents solicitors in England and Wales. From negotiating with and lobbying the profession's regulators, government and others, to offering training and advice, we're here to help, protect and promote solicitors across England and Wales.

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Beware of the cowboys called solicitors.
Note carefully the last line...nothing about protecting clients from dishonest solicitors only protecting solicitors.
This is the problem that the Law Society is there to protect solicitors and this policy continues at the Regulatory Authorities who also protect solicitors.
Yes they do get hundreds of complaints but fail to take them seriously.Surely the volume of complaints is a clear indication that the public are not getting the protection they deserve.
Choosing a Solicitor is a Lottery with the odds stacked against finding an honest well informed experienced lawyer.
Beware of the cowboys in the profession who take your money and let you down.I have 24 years experience of dishonest lawyers,a legal aid bill at £85,000 with nothing resolved as they all failed to follow my written instructions.This abuse of funding needs to be resolved by the Government as the profession will not it is called "Milking the Legal Aid cow."by solicitors.