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A Collection of Poetry - Written by Abs 2009

A Collection of Poetry - Written by Abs 2009
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A collection of poetry written by a Wikivorce member 

The colours of love

Love is a chameleon

constantly changing colour

camouflaging merging into the


Love is the colour crimson

bleeds you dry drop by drop

Love is the colour blue

mucks with your head

Love is the colour orange

dazzles blinds you with the light

Love is the colour black

buries you in the dark well of despair

Love is the colour white

envelops you in hollow nothingness

Love is the colour grey

drains you of life and joy

Love is the colour brown

traps you in the quicksand of confusion

Love is a multi-coloured rainbow

not all that glitters is gold

be wary of its seductive ever changing shades

luring you reeling you in with its sweet melody



freedom to express

stoke that creative fire burning in us all

be it words images dresses

sculptures pictures ideas heed the call

freedom to voice

reflect share what is deep within

even grim pain uncoils its ugly tendrils

shit can be made beautiful through the power of words

freedom to create

make anew something that never existed

present the world the familiar mundane in a different way

humanity at its best to connect not shut out push away

freedom to be

claim your birthright be the person you were meant to be

choose the path you follow to your own promise land

where you flourish blossom in all your quiet splendour

freedom to wonder

ask the difficult questions why play devil's advocate

admit you don't always have the answers you are fallible

but you'd like to keep exploring enquiring learning ponder

freedom to express

have a voice

create be wonder

freedom to be fully human



the void heart-shaped like

cinders and the glass slippers fits

like a glove the catsuit olivia had

to be sewn into in grease

matches mine exactly

the hollow silence mouth-shaped

parallel words swallowed back never to

see the light of day nor the black of

night the hand reached out finding

none to return the call

the bridge bonding exercise returned to again and

again metamorphosed into a wall-shaped chasm


brick upon painful brick withered crimson

rose petals of hurt buried deep in cracks


Life Laundry

separate the pain anger resentment into piles

read the labels carefully

add in a tab of forgiveness

don't forget the fabric conditioner of forgetfulness

select the programme of letting go

take out dry on the line under the burning sun

blown by the breath of life fresh air

smelling of sweet red roses freshly mowed lawn

put away in the drawer of finished business

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