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Star Bangled Spanner

Star Bangled Spanner
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Making cocktails simple...

Star Bangled Spanner

Although only half measures of each spirit are used, there are seven layers of them, so this is quite a potent cocktail. It is probably fortunate that after getting your tongue around a couple, your hand will become too unsteady to pour more.

Serves 1


½ measure chilled green Chartreuse

½ measure chilled triple sec

½ measure chilled cherry brandy

½ measure chilled créme violette

½ measure chilled yellow Chartreuse

½ measure chilled blue Curaçao

½ measure chilled brandy


  1. Pour the green Chartreuse into a chilled champagne flute
  2. With a steady hand, gently pour in the triple to make a second layer
  3. Gently add the cherry brandy to make a third layer
  4. The creme violette to make a fourth
  5. The yellow Chartreuse to make fifth
  6. The Curaçao to make a sixth
  7. Finally, float the brandy on top

Did you know?

Chartreuse has been produced in the monastery of La Grande Chartreuse using the same recipe for more than 200 years. It contains over 100 herbs and spices and the exact formula remains a closely guarded secret.

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